How To Love Your Cervix From Numbness To Pleasure With Olivia Naomi Bryant & Self-Cervix


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I first connected with Olivia online when Self-Cervix was seeking practitioners based in Los Angeles that worked with cervical dearmouring back in the Spring of 2017.  Later that year, we both participated in Betty Martin’s Like A Pro wk-end training in Long Beach, and had the chance to explore the subtleties of The Wheel of Consent in person.  Since then, I’ve enjoyed taking the Self-Cervix Release course and witnessing the evolution of Self-Cervix from its educational and practical hands-on vaginal & cervical dearmouring roots to honoring the spiritual and energetic alignment available in communing with this sacred portal.  

Olivia Naomi Bryant was a Sex Educator & Sex Coach when she created Self-Cervix based on her personal journey of dearmouring her cervix – a deeply personal transformation whose path has mirrored and spawned the evolution of courses offered by Self-Cervix over the years – from Initiation to Release to Rapture, to exploring the Heart-Cervix Axis and Self-Partnership.  She and Self-Cervix have been at the forefront of educating, empowering and revolutionizing our understanding of the power, pleasure and spiritual potential held in the cervix.  

In her own words: 

“I started this work bc I needed to heal.  I felt like I was housing a brick inside of my pelvis – it was heavy, blocked and painful.  I had no libido and very limited access to orgasm.  This challenge became the beginning of a big adventure.  In the larger picture of my life, I realized that I had a longing to find access to orgasm.  After years of following instructions, using vibrators and signing up for courses, I had almost given up.  I decided that I must be one of those people who wasn’t wired for internal orgasms and so I decided to celebrate the pleasure I did have.  What I now know is that we are all human and orgasms of all kinds are natural for us.  What are unnatural are the things that block these experiences such as shame and trauma….. Self-Cervix was born as my personal exploration into why my cervix was numb and how I could turn it into an organ of pleasure.”

We explore: 


How the Cervix is the only part of the reproductive anatomy innervated by 3 sets of paired nerves – the Vagus, Hypogastric and Pelvic – more than any other part of the sexual center, and yet, for most women, it’s the least sexually responsive.


How the medicalization of the cervix – from pap smears, to colposcopies, to LEEP procedures can leave the cervix feeling numb, un-sexy, and unaccessible.  


How receiving cervical dearmouring from a trained and trusted practitioner can serve a vital and different function –  engaging different parts of the brain, body and psyche whilst in a receptive non-doing state – than self-dearmouring. 


How fully inhabiting your cervix provides a different felt-sense experience in love-making that can be felt by one’s partner – changing the love-making experience for both. 


How the cervical dearmouring journey is unique for everyone and not necessarily a fast process – given the many factors involved, including history of sexuality, trans-generational trauma, collective societal stories stored in the pelvis, medical procedures, and scar tissue. 


How cervical dearmouring involves letting go of any goal –  “It’s really important to get into the exploration and forget the goal.  As tempting as it is to be orgasm focussed, the treasure lies in who you become as you devote yourself to self-loving action.  The work teaches us how to be with ourselves in a more self-aware and loving way so that we can create the conditions for these epic experiences to open up for us.”


How bodies can have a joy or “pleasure ceiling,” where the psyche can begin contracting or appear to be feeling “pain” when it begins to venture into new realms of unknown pleasure sensations, as this can touch into past unintegrated contractions that were never released.  


How trusting the cervical tissue to inform how it wants to be explored empowers the cervix to restore and reclaim its own agency and sensations. 


How continuing to relax the cervix into the finger, whilst letting go of any pre-conceived ideas or expectations of what pleasure is, and opening to new ideas of what pleasure can be, encourages new sensations to emerge in the dearmouring process.  


How avoiding clitoral orgasms for a period of time – like a 30-day clitoral fast, can lead to unforeseen discoveries of the rich and vast intra-vaginal and cervical terrains of pleasure.


How the Cervix responds to Heart/Love energy, whether from one’s self or a lover, and how its the receptivity to heart energy that allows for high frequency states of cervical orgasms to occur.

Rahi: Welcome to Organic Sexuality, where we explore the restoration of pleasure, the reclamation of sexual sovereignty, and the realization of our embodied sexual nature. An invitation to honor the pleasures of your body by embodying the pleasures of your nature. I'm your host, Rahi Chun. I'm a certified somatic sex educator, a sexological bodyworker and creator of Somatic Sexual Wholeness.

Rahi: Before today's interview, an announcement that registration for the online course, the three keys to genital disarming for reclaiming and expanding pleasure is now open. Early bird pricing is available between now and August 20th, when full access to all course materials becomes available weekly Zoom group learning calls begin September 20th when registration closes. For more information, please go to somatic sexual Today we invite Olivia Naomi Bryant, creator of self cervix to the podcast. Self cervix is about self-education, self reclamation, and self revolution by reclaiming and inviting a love affair with this often overlooked and medically mistreated part of the sexual and reproductive anatomy. Studies show that 60% of orgasms by vulva owners are experienced clitorally. Whilst only 10% are experienced cervical, despite the cervix being innovated by three sets of paired nerves, the most of any part of the reproductive anatomy. What is it about our current society's sexuality habits and patterns that prevents or avoids the deepest and richest of inner innovative sensations and experiences from becoming available? And what are effective and compassionate ways to De Armour the self-protective guarding response of the cervix with patience, curiosity, and love?

Rahi: I am very excited to be introducing Olivia Naomi Bryant, creator of self cervix to the podcast today. Um, to share her bio, I'm gonna quote her in her own words. Um, she states, I started this work because I needed to heal. I felt like I was housing a brick inside of my pelvis. It was heavy, blocked and painful. I had no libido and very limited access to orgasm. This challenge became the beginning of a big adventure. In the larger picture of my life, I realized that I had a longing to find access to orgasm. After years of following instructions using vibrators and signing up for courses, I'd almost given up, I decided that I must be one of those people that wasn't wired for internal orgasms. And so I decided to celebrate the pleasure I did have. What I now know is that we are all human and orgasms of all kinds are natural for us.

Rahi: What our unnatural are, the things that block these experiences such as shame and trauma. Self-service was born as my personal exploration into why my cervix was numb and how I could turn it into an organ of pleasure. Self cervix is so many things. It is se sex education. It is sexual healing, self intimacy, and a movement about rewriting and reclaiming the cervix as part of pleasure anatomy. And it has also evolved into a spiritual practice of inner alchemy. Um, I also wanna read this little part, also, part of self cervix. We are a community dedicated to revolutionizing the way the cervix is viewed by the medical profession, by science, and by sex educators. We are a global network of practitioners, teachers, and lovers devoted to healing and exploring the orgasmic potential of the cervix. Olivia, thank you so much for joining us today. It's great to have you.

Olivia: Thank you, Rahi. It's such a, um, it's really, I so appreciate being able to have the opportunity to share with more people about the cervix and, and this work. So thank you.

Rahi: You know, it really is a revolution. I feel like your inquiry has created, and that has, you know, birthed into self cervix. And the journey of self cervix has been such an incredible journey of starting out as cervical de armoring, and it's evolved into such a experience of self intimacy and self-loving, and now into this portal of exploring the inner alchemy of, of spiritual embodiment. Um, there's so much I wanna explore here, but I wanna start by asking you, you know, you share about the eighth month, the eight month journey that started with the tantric session in Bali, that, um, led you to become aware that your serv cervix was numb to the eight month journey of disarming it. And I'm wondering if you could start off by sharing, so for our audiences who aren't familiar with self cervix, what did you know about your cervical potential at the time? Because I believe you were a sex educator for many years, and what was that eight month journey like that birthed into the self cervix, um, experience

Olivia: When I, you know, honestly, I put like, the whole concept of cervical orgasm seemed like, uh, completely inaccessible fairytale for me, actually. And I was working, you know, I was on my own sexual healing journey already, and I had, uh, trained in a little bit of sex coaching, but not nothing that was nothing that really helped me. It, for me, it all felt very conventional and I, I, it wasn't giving me any access, nor were any of the many, uh, neo tantric tan trainings that I signed up for. And I, I really kind of went on this o on my own pilgrimage, and it just so happened that I went through a really difficult relating experience, and my whole body was shut down. And so that led me to go and seek healing. And to be honest, I actually put down the, the, um, the, my ambitions of, of, of, of sexual healing and wellness and expansion, because it just seemed like this huge mountain that with, you know, full of potholes and lamb mines and really scary things that would seem like they, you know, I dunno if, you know, it just felt very big to me.

Olivia: And I just gave it up. And then, um, one day I had this healing session and the practitioner said, can you feel your cervix? And I could not. It was absolutely numb. And what I did know, because of my previous readings and, you know, my delighting in what might be possible, I'd read, um, in the, the work of Dr. Barry Zaro and yes, Dr. Beverly Whipple, their book, the Science of Orgasm. And in there, uh, they are, they list the orgasmic, uh, nature of the cervix due to its three sets of paired nerves that are connecting into it. So I knew that there was a potential there, but it just felt so abstract to me because at that point, and I, I know this is true for so many of us with cervixes, that the cervix felt very uncomfortable, numb, medicalized, not at all sexy, mostly about birth or H P V or cervical dysplasia.

Olivia: Most of us have experienced pap smears and, you know, um, biopsies and, and, you know, cervical torture essentially mm-hmm. mm-hmm. . So the actual possibility that it was not only pleasurable potentially, but also orgasmic just seemed, you know, like out of range. So I wasn't surprised when, uh, I could not feel my cervix, but actually it really provided me with such deep, like, sort of like, it gave me this clue and a pathway as to why I wasn't particularly orgasmic at that time in my life. Because this place in the body, it's like the canary in a coal mine, you know, it's like signaling what's going on with the rest of my pelvic anatomy. This is a numb, there's this actual very powerful place in my body that's completely numb, you know? So it made sense to me that I couldn't feel a lot.

Olivia: And, you know, I know that like so many others, I had been particularly, uh, trained and conditioned to the clitoral pathway. Not only had I been trained and conditioned to the clitoral pathway, but, uh, with a very massive vibrator, , you know, the wand. Um, it was a very important part of my journey. And so I never wanna put that down or shame at it, because for me, it was a very, you know, uh, yeah, it's very important for my own development. But there came a time when I realized that my internal world was just not online at all. There was no connection because I was, it just wasn't in the range. Yes. So it made sense to me that sex was okay, but not like, you know, not nothing, like all these stories that I'd read about and all these potential experiences. And, and I, and I do think that in my heart and soul, I had a very deep yearning to understand, you know, all of myself, my human potential.

Olivia: But this, these sort of mystical spiritual experiences that can occur to us in our, in our human experience. And I, I deeply longed for that sense of connection that I think that we're all seeking when it comes to, um, pleasure and especially orgasm, like the existential connection back to something way bigger than ourselves. So, so yeah, that set me on the journey. And then there was, this first part was just this exploration of why, why is this, why do I feel numb? And that led me down the road of like, well, isn't that interesting that it's, it's attached to the vagus nerve, which is all about regulating our nervous system for safety. And, and yet my cervix is numb. What is that doing to my nervous system? And then I got into a whole sort of, um, interest in trauma healing and the cervical de yammering. And, and that's how I started to unlock my body very slowly over time. Um, yeah. Mm-hmm.

Rahi: . So that journey, like, when you talk about the journey of cervical disarming Olivia, um, how much of it was going to practitioners, how much of it was being with your own cervix, how much of it was being with a lover? Can you help listeners understand? Because I, I find that most of my clients cervixes, are numb during the first session. And there's just this, you know, I wanna get to the Kinsey report later, but there's just kind of this incredible void of education and understanding about the potential, uh, that the cervix has, because as you point out of these three sets of, of nerves that are connected to it,

Olivia: Yeah. There's a massive void, and it's, it sort of, it, it, it's interesting, isn't it, that there's this void around the most powerful plays in her body. Exactly. Should be, should be held on a pedestal as like, oh, you know, this thing, you know, but it's not sure. It's like, oh, well, you know, it is for the birthing world, you know, of course. Mm-hmm. And a lot of my work is inspired by the orgasmic birthing movement, but this whole other area that I think when not integrated and not understood leads a gaping hole, no pun intended. Sure. Where the, where we could be experiencing a more multidimensional, um, kinesthetic experience of pleasure. That's way, sort of broader than, you know, I, than I don't really, you know, I'm very cautious of using words like shallow or superficial, because you can have great sex without knowing that the cervix is there.

Olivia: You know, like, but I just think that it does give this fuller mental map of what's going on inside. It really just helps orient your mind to deeper places inside the body that are, are really orgasmic, that are real. It brings more reality to something that's such a mystery. The journey for me was mostly on my own. And I think that there was some sort of divine intelligence to that as well, because, you know, it's not easy when you're also, when you're trying to heal your own, um, pleasure body and your own sexuality, and then you're also dealing with somebody else's triggers and wounding and, and desires and pleasures and, you know, so in a way, it was a blessing that for a lot of this journey, I have been on my own, because it really has allowed me to be very, uh, pure in my, um, you know, my focus, you know?

Olivia: Yes. And it's not sort of muddled with another person, another dynamic. Mm-hmm. So, um, it has mostly been on my own. I actually developed my own, uh, wand Yes. So that I could do my own explorations, my own internal explorations, because most of the products that I found on the market were not long enough. Were not the right shape. So in my determination, I created my own, um, wand, my own tool for exploration. Yes. Which was amazing. And then occasionally I went to a body worker, because I did find that it's, it's great to have an assistant. Yes. You know, it's great to be able to not have your brain, you know, to have your brain in a, in a whole different, wider space. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , not necessarily. So, um, attuned to the doing and the being at the same time, you can have way more of an experience of just being and feeling and experiencing with a body worker.

Olivia: So occasionally I had a few, um, body workers that were, um, you know, I, I felt very aligned to I I, and once I found those body workers, I was very, uh, sort of, I stuck with them because I found that finding a, a body worker, and you might have a lot of understanding in this conversation that really has integrity, um, and is very clean in the way they, uh, they practice. Um, once you find someone like that, it's, it's a beautiful gift. So, um, there were a few that I would go to now and then, but, um, and if you have the resources to go more, more often, I think it's an amazing, amazing, um, uh mm-hmm. great. Um, so yeah. So that would've been my, mainly, it was on my own. And then when I did have lovers throughout this journey, it was interesting because when I look back, it, it's been this incremental sort of deepening as with each lover, you know, at first, I remember my first lover after about a year of, of doing the, the ding work, I remember a comment and, and he was like, oh, there's a lot going on down there.

Olivia: Mm. You know, that, I remember she did that. And I was, I was thinking to myself, you know, I was like, tick little, like little proud heart. Cuz I knew that like, okay, so something's happening, something's happening, there's more blood flow, there's more connection, there's more awareness, there's more presence. So, and, and that can be felt mm-hmm. mm-hmm. . So I think that that's a really just an interesting, you know, when I, when I talk about what I was just saying before, not having that connection, not having that, that place of orientation. Yeah. There is an absence there. So when there is full presence there it is, you know, it is a felt experience between two. And then that just grew over time until my last, uh, my last lover ship, which was probably everything that I could have dream dreamed of, except that the, that the, it wasn't a gonna be a sustainable relationship because of, we had a huge age gap.

Olivia: So , so, you know, it was, it was a, it was a true lover ship, um, where we, where I got to experience the things that I'd read about years and years ago. Mm. But to be con, to have context, you know, this, it was not a fast proce fast process. Right. And your journey really depends on so many things, like your availability, you know, like a lot of people are so busy. We've got families and children and work, and, you know, this is, uh, uh, really I'm devoted to, this is my life path, you know? Mm-hmm. mm-hmm. . And, you know, it depends on your historical trauma, your intergenerational wounding, you know, our collective story and how much you've absorbed into your body, you know, medical procedures to the cervix, and how much scar tissue you have. You know, I wanna say that my cervix is not entirely, there are places on my cervix that are numb.

Olivia: But what became really interesting through growing my sensitivity was a, a, a deepening emphasis on the energetics, which is, we can talk about later. Um, but my, what I'm trying to say is that there is, that it is, it can be a, a long, slow deepening journey. And so when I read things like Five Steps to Cervical Orgasm, I'm kind of like, okay. You know? Yeah. And then we have these unrealistic experiences on ourselves. Like, oh, I did these five steps and it hasn't happened. There's something wrong with me. I'm broken. And I'm like, no, no, no, no. This is a spiritual path. You know, like the true essence of like a meditation teaching, it's like mm-hmm. You can't, it's like, how long is it gonna take until I find God, I don't know, maybe this life mm-hmm. Maybe the next life. You sort of have to release the goal. You have to release that as the outcome, because that's coming from a very different place inside of you. And really find your, find the, the, the richness in, in, um, in going inward in this way. And, and, and, and acknowledging and feeling what is there and, and building on that and deepening into that as you are very valid, beautiful human experience, you know? Mm-hmm. , so mm-hmm. .

Rahi: Yeah. To just piggyback on that, I wanna read something, um, that I pulled from self cervix. And this is a quote. Um, it's really important to get into the exploration and forget the goal. As tempting as it is to be orgasm focused, the treasure lies in who you become as you devote yourself to self-loving action. The way the, the work teaches us how to be with ourselves in a more self-aware and loving way, so that we can create the conditions for these epic experiences to open up for us. And I think this speaks to the evolution of courses at self cervix, which has reflected this deep love affair with oneself and one's body, you know, from disarming the cervix to self partnership to sovereign heart, and exploring the heart cervix axes. And no, it, there aren't five steps to developing, you know, a love affair with the God in you, you know that you're housing. I would love to hear a little bit about the evolution of course, offerings and how I'm, I'm just assuming that this is reflecting your own evolution of realizations that your cervix has taught you.

Olivia: Yes, exactly. Um, so I think when I started, you know, I just do, I had no idea, like ignorance is bliss. Mm. Yes. I just, like, we had like 1600 people in this Facebook event when I started right at the very first beginning. And I knew absolutely nothing. Right. And I was like, Hey, we're gonna do, we're just gonna stimulate our cervixes for 21 days and just see what happens, . Oh, wow. And it was like, it was huge. Like, so much came up. There was so much, you know, like trauma came up and I was just like, oh, no. What have I, what have started here? Yeah. And then there was the empowerment piece, and people just being like, oh my gosh, I've never touched my cervix before and never even thought about this way. And so there was this full, beautiful reclaiming, but then I also realized that there were an awful lot of people just sitting on the sidelines being like, I can't, I can't, I can't blocked or having experiences of repulsion when they went inside of themselves or nausea would come up as a form of armoring. And, you know, and, and I just realized it's super intense and mm-hmm. not, like, not, not all, not everyone is going to be willing to just dive straight into their cervix and go for it. Sure. No, I mean, like,

Rahi: That's wild to think that you had a 21 day of like, just let's go . Yeah. Yeah. I can imagine.

Olivia: It's very

Rahi: Much my all, yeah, yeah. Just to jump right in. Let's

Olivia: Do this. And then like,

Rahi: No. Right, right, right.

Olivia: Um, so, so then I created this program called initiation, which was just slowing it all right down, and let's just build a mental emotional connection with this entity, the spirit of our cervixes, you know, the, the, the, the felt sense of it, you know, just with our minds. Um, and then at the very end, we're gonna do a first touch ritual. And it was all, you know, Ben Martin's work was very influential to me because it was one of the only bodies of work that was really teaching empowerment, because I saw that empowerment was one of the, the true reasons why we had ended up with these numb cervixes. Either our power was taken from us or we'd given it away. Mm. And so we had no other choice but to hold an armor intense and protect, and so mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , it was the connect this, this first piece was about just connecting to connecting to your cervix and realizing your power and, and, and finding tools for empowerment so that we could potentially move about the world slightly differently with our lovers and partners and with ourselves.

Olivia: Mm. And then, so I worked with, with that material for, I don't know, four years. Mm. And main emphasis for me was just trying to create more sensitivity and space in my body and, and, and, and, and heal, you know, heal deep wounding that I was holding in my body. So that was a, that was the longest part of this work. And then when things started to open up, I really, and I got more sensitive. I started to get very much in touch with incredibly beautiful energetics. And that formed the method that has now become the cervical awakening method. Um, which now it's, it, you know, a huge part of that is an exploration of sexual energetics, which I see as the kind of the next frontier of where sex is going. That as we move collectively in a conversation away from, you know, Newtonian matter and like everything is, you know mm-hmm.

Olivia: , it only exists if you can see it and feel it and taste it and touch it. And we're moving more into quantum conversations mm-hmm. , whether a scientists exploring consciousness from a quantum perspective mm-hmm. , that became very interesting to me. Because I think that as we evolve our, as we evolve as humans, as we heal and heal our trauma, as we tone our nervous systems, as we develop our sensitivity, I think that the way we are going to be making love and, and communicating with each other is gonna profoundly shift. It's very strange. I kind of have these ways of speaking about the work, like the work showed me mm-hmm. , I have, I have a real relationship spirit of this work. Beautiful. Showed me the, the, the energetic currents mm-hmm. that run through the body for all of these experiences that I've been speaking of.

Olivia: And so then a lot of the work became how do we, how do we act? How do we allow these currents to flow mm-hmm. , what actually these currents to flow spontaneously. So I started to, I, so the word that piece is all about embodying our power and learning that it's from an innate sense of our power, our energetics, that that moves sexual energy not from force or manipulation and, and from mechanics actually mm-hmm. that there's something deeper at play, and it's the energetic piece. Mm-hmm. . So that opened up some really interesting conversation, and there was not a lot, there's barely any research. It's just mm-hmm. barely any, and, you know, the only person that I could find that was doing anything remotely, um, similar to exploring consciousness and, um, deep spiritual states, was Joe Dispenza. He's the only person that, you know, has really put some sort of sciencey words around mm-hmm.

Olivia: what might happening when we enter these meditative spaces that are mm-hmm. , uh, transcendent or mystical. Yes. Mm-hmm. So he was like a little bit of a, like, Hmm, maybe there's something in here that's similar, but the rest of it was literally just, well, this is what it feels like, and this is what I'm, this is what I'm, I'm really truly deeply experiencing. So here it is, what do mm-hmm. What do we think? So it became that exploration. And then I realized, wow, you know, we're doing all of this work, and yet we're giving our power away. Actually, that came after the release journey. It was like, wow, we're, how are we ever gonna heal our armoring if we keep compromising ourselves in our loving relationships? You know, if, if we can't ask for what we want, if we, if we have no sense of connection to reparenting our wounds, that, so we just keep playing out the same patterns which keep being stored in the body.

Olivia: Mm-hmm. . So how it felt like this, you know, we're doing the body work, but then we're mm-hmm. going out in the world and we're doing the same thing. Yeah. But we, we don't have tools to sort of manage some of the, the occurrences inside intimate relating. And so that started self partnership because I'd also had experiences where, you know, I, I wanted this, I wanted this so much that I was really willing to, I was really willing to give myself away for it. Like, and that's what, that was. The, the, the painful piece for me was like, wow, like I really compromised myself in this relationship, you know, because, because I, I, you know, I had a projection that it was this and it wasn't mm-hmm. , and, you know, I had to go through a lot of heartbreak mm-hmm. , which was, I could feel was just really impacting my body.

Olivia: And so it was like, okay, now we are finding out how we can feel empowered in the sexual space, but this is also about relating and intimate relating mm-hmm. . So how do we feel? How can we find our power and, and, and in our relationships and, and stop, you know, forgetting who we really are mm-hmm. and, and playing out childhood wounding inside of our relationships. So that was that. And then I see now the energetics has like, expanded even more. And now we're looking at the cervix heart axis. Yes. Which, you know, now we're starting to , now we're starting to blend a conversation around consciousness, sexuality, and I suppose creation, creation energy and, and the frequencies that we're holding inside of our body that, that get activated during a cervical orgasm experience, but that we can begin to train ourselves to feel every day.

Olivia: And I started seeing also this misalignment between what we can do in our birthing bodies, whether we're birthing this way or we're birthing this way mm-hmm. what we can do, we, we can, we can do better in terms of our integrity and our rising up and our personal power and our sense of ourselves, rather than doing this thing that we have magic in our bodies. And then, and then falling away from for, you know, forgetting who we are. Let's, how do we cultivate a strong sense of who we really are through this axis. So the cervix heart axis is embodying belonging and safety at the cervix and like, love and, and, and, and spirit at the heart. So it's human and spirit coming together, half human, half divine, which is kind of like this experience that we have during cervical orgasm where we're experiencing these transcendent, incredible, you know, magic spiritual experiences through the human, through the human sense, through our, through our senses, through our bodies.

Olivia: Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So it's just taking it to a whole nother level where we are starting to train how much love and pleasure we can hold in our systems before we short circuit. Cause that was something that I really noticed was it was like mm-hmm. . It's like, I, I don't know if you've ever had this during a psychedelic experience, um, where you, I I, I've had this ex in a psychedelic experience, and this was really interesting for me. It was after a, a mushroom journey. I like having, holding so much love in my body that it was painful. I've got so much love going through me right now. It's, it's actually hurting. And like, I, you know, I get mm-hmm. , how do, I don't have enough, I can't hold this. Like, no wonder love has to spread itself around 7 billion people. Cause it's mm-hmm. like this force of love that is channeling through us if we're open and available. It's, it's, it's ex, it's

Rahi: Like a, it's intense, it's

Olivia: Explosive, you know, it's like mm-hmm. , it can blow you wide open. Yeah. And so, like, we've gotta like, get strong in our nervous systems and train ourselves to be able to hold this, you know? Mm-hmm. how default mode is to, is survival and protection, you know? Mm-hmm. . So to be able to hold love and pleasure, it's like, we gotta like strengthen that part of our nervous systems. Like, so that's what the heart service, heart access is really training, so, yeah.

Rahi: Beautiful. Beautiful. Yeah. It does require that nervous system to be really sound and resourced and have a lot of agency. And also as we expand in our love consciousness and pleasure, like receptivity, it's gonna touch into those old wounds that is, you know, I mean, the armor's there for a reason, so it sounds like Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's there for a reason. And you know, I call it a joy ceiling or a pleasure ceiling that I find in clients, you know, they can only mm-hmm. , it's like there's so much, and then they start to kind of contract a little bit because they've never expanded into that unknown pleasure, which can be very frightening based on mm-hmm. , you know, whatever associations or wounds there are, you know, from, from childhood associated with that. I wanna bring it back to initiation and release, you know? Mm-hmm. initiation, just in, you know, it initi initiating people to get familiar with their pelvises, with their vulvas vaginas and cervixes. And I think the program I did was release and I found it to be not only about cervical disarming, but it was really about disarming the entire vulva vaginal canal before getting to the cervix and that

Olivia: Yeah.

Rahi: And now you've gotten to a place where, you know, you're, you're inviting kind of a surrender into this vast portal, energetic and spiritual, just to make it more practical for a lot of our listeners. Like when we bring it back to initiation and release

Rahi: Some of the practices that are introduced, for example, you know, Suzanne, you know, really loves the exploration of feeling the finger with the cervix rather than just feeling the cervix with the finger to wake up those touch receptors of the cervix. Mm-hmm. , you know, or like microneedling, you know, she's really, I'm curious if there are other practices that our listeners can start exploring on their own or through one of the self-serving courses, um, like you mentioned the self cervix wand, which is like such a unique and incredible offering mm-hmm. , what are some ways for listeners to start exploring whether their cervix is numb, if they've never made contact with it before mm-hmm. , or start to de armor it themselves the way you did.

Olivia: Yeah. Well, I'm , I'm laughing because, you know, start to explore it the way I did. I was like, just dive right in, you know? Right, right, right now, now it's like this funny thing. I met these amazing midwives and they're like, just, just go for it. You know, we can, we can, we can actually impose so much fear on it, you know, we can build it up to be this huge thing. Right. And so I also just wanna name that, like, remember, you're powerful. You can, you, you, you've got this, you know, and so mm-hmm. . So first of all, I think it's really good to know, have a range of where your cervix might be, because I thought my cervix was just gonna be straight up, because that's what the, the anatomy textbooks said, cervix looks like. It's straight up there. So I spent the first couple of weeks of my journey just like going up there, like, I know it's some somewhere up here, you know?

Olivia: Mm. And I was like, I must be on my cervix, but I'm not really feeling anything. That makes sense. Then one day I was just kind of offroading, you know, like, Hmm, what's someone else's going on here? And I found my cervix right over to the left uhhuh, so it was on the left wall. And so, you know, there'd probably be a lot of, you know, my abdominal massage people saying, oh, you know, you can realign this, you can realign this, but mm-hmm. And I have done a little bit of work around that, but you know, I've, I've sort of surrendered into the fact that that's where my cervix just is, is, is, is resting. It's, that's what mm-hmm. , that's where, where it is. Mm-hmm. . So if you find it there, it's okay, you know, you can work to move it, but it might just go back to where it was this, um, so you've got these ligaments around the cervix.

Olivia: So the, a really good place to start with your practice is, is working around the cervix and seeing how it feels around the cervix. Cause often the, the ligaments are the things that are tight mm-hmm. , because it's the ligaments that pull in when you're in fear and contraction. Mm-hmm. mm-hmm. , you know, when a, when a, when a when a person is birthing and the cervix isn't opening, it's often because the ligaments are not allowing it to mm-hmm. . So it's, that's where we actually wanna start working. So like, around the cervix more than directly on it. And I found that that actually helps the cervix relax down and realign. So, um, it can be quite hard to reach, depending on your service where you're a cervix is depending on your anatomy, like, I have a long body and short arms and sort of like a T-Rex body, you know, so it's like, it's quite awkward.

Olivia: So, um, so, you know, squatting is good. And actually Suzanne, you know, she taught me years ago, you can actually, it's not very sexy, but you can, if you really need to, you can sit on the toilet, you can do it there, right. Cause of the, the body is positioned. You're just trying to shorten the torso. And to be honest, like I said, like you said, often so much of our armoring is way before we get to the cervix. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . If you're curious and you wanna know where your cervix is, then yeah, go, go to your cervix. But mm-hmm. , there is a lot of other, there are a lot of other places that might need some loving touch. Mm-hmm. . So if you find a place as you, um, go about your exploration that feels numb or feels acidic, or feels a little painful or tight, just spend some time on there just pressing into it with your finger.

Olivia: I like to bring my mind into the space between my finger and the tissue. Mm-hmm. , like really, I start to find like that micro attention mm-hmm. . And then I really like to just, I don't like to push so much as I like to let my tissue guide me. I like to lean and just let the tissue let you in, you know, so you're really teaching the, the tissue how to, um, that you respect it and that you're not gonna do what has been done in the past, and that you really trust the intelligence of the tissue to move itself. Mm-hmm. And it's cool when you do that because the, the tissue actually starts guiding your finger. It will actually kind of start signaling either with sensation or with melting, oh, come this way. Oh, it's over here. You know? And so it's a very cool little journey you can have if you're willing to start following your finger inside of yourself.

Olivia: Mm. And then once you get to your cervix, I always say, there isn't a right way to, to touch or dma your cervix, just what is right for you. Mm-hmm. , so this is really about your own exploration. So I found that, um, for me, I like to have consistent patterning of touch. So like circling my cervix for, for a while, a little while, as long as I can manage actually mm-hmm. , it gives my time, my brain time to presence. Oh, okay. There's some sensation there. Oh, okay. It's moving in this direction. And that is what I found started to awaken presence and sensation at my cervix. That's

Rahi: Fantastic.

Olivia: A consistent,

Rahi: That's, that's really fantastic. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. If you can just underscore that Olivia, cuz I think that's a really important, um, insight is the consistency of a pattern until mm-hmm. There's this brain felt sense connection mm-hmm. Of what's, of what your cervix is experiencing. It's kind of like a way of waking up those, those touch receptors.

Olivia: That's right. That's right. Mm-hmm. . And, and then, then the interesting thing about that is, you know, pleasure is perceived. So you, if you really surrender and open your mind, it's possible because I've done it to transmute or transform this touch that might be neutral mm-hmm. in your felt sense experience of it to something that starts to become pleasurable. Mm-hmm. a different kind of pleasure potentially mm-hmm. , but that's why you have to have this open mind. And sometimes you might feel a referred warmth in your belly mm-hmm. . And so you're just actually looking for what feels good. Mm-hmm. , because we can go into this with a very fixed mindset. Like, I'm not feeling anything. What's the point? It feels numb, it feels uncomfortable, and it is sort of like this fixed, it's just stay with that mm-hmm. . And so it really requires a, a, a releasing of what you, what is predictable, what you imagine what, you know, like what you already think is there to just open up and be like, all right, well, what else?

Olivia: Let me breathe and relax a little bit more mm-hmm. . And the more you can relax into your finger mm-hmm. , the more space is created for feeling. So that's another really important key. So the mm-hmm. Repeated pattern and just this continual sense of relaxing through the cervix into the finger. So those are two little things. Mm. They're, if you feel resistance, if you feel repulsion, you know, like know that it's a beaut actually ave it's a gift. Even though it's deeply uncomfortable, it really will. It just shows you Okay, there's some, there's some love here I need to claim back for myself. This is not mine. This is, this is, this is old. Doesn't belong to me. You know, I, I I am now reclaiming my body and I'm gonna breathe through this. And, and, you know, it's kind of like, I like to think of parts of my body as, as, as, as personas, you know?

Olivia: So there's a little part of you that, that is, is feeling sad because you, you think it's repulsive. You know, like, what would you do to a little child who is feeling repulsive? You know, you'd be like, it's okay. You know, it's like I'm here. It's like, you know, it's hard for me to, but I'm breathing. I'm, I'm here with you. You know, I'm, you know, yeah. I love you. You know, it's sort of starting to have this new relationship with it. Mm-hmm. , the other thing that can come up that's, that can be, that can be difficult is, is the void is the numbness. And so I just wanna repeat, like stay with it. It shifts, it transforms. Mm-hmm. , you have to be willing to go into the void and trust, you have to be willing to create inside of the void. Mm-hmm.

Olivia: . Mm-hmm. creation is a very, very important word, I think. Mm-hmm. , our minds a very, very powerful mm-hmm. . And so in this void space that is nothing that is emptiness, make something up. Mm-hmm. , you know, use your imagination. Mm-hmm. , you know, I, I say to people who, who feel anxious that they rely a lot on fantasy for arousal. I'm like, oh, you've got a great gift. What an imagination. Let's put this inside of the void and see what you can create there. You know, is it colors? Is it like, what does the texture look like? And so you mm-hmm. create something inside of there that begins to, begins to open up a something Yeah. As something that they can hold onto, because emptiness is, it's very uneasy feeling .

Rahi: Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . What I'm hearing and what I feel like has been echoed by Suzanne's work is really rebuilding, uh, trust. You know, I mean, if the cervix is used to being banged up against or being snipped at, or, you know, whatever the procedures are, then its wisdom is going to, uh, have it protect itself. So it's really building kind of a new relationship and a new way of, uh, a new way for the cervix to learn how it can be, uh, listened to and attuned to, and be present with.

Olivia: Um, yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. It's about, it's about, it's about trust. I, I always say, you know, your cervix just wants the same thing that you want mm-hmm. , love, presence, attention, you know, it wants to, it wants to feel safe. Mm-hmm. And so the only way is to, to start being with it differently. Yeah. And so that's part of the cervix, heart access work, it's like being with it differently. Mm-hmm. You know, holding a different emotional state. And, you know, I wanna put in these words often come up impatience and frustration mm-hmm. When it comes to our sexuality, when it comes to our orgasm, impatience and frustration, judgment, shame, all of these, um, emotional imprints that we are sending directly down into the, the cells into the tissue mm-hmm. , you know, and Yeah. You know, it's so important to start going Okay, that's been there. It's, I'm very present and, and that is not safe for my body to open.

Rahi: Yeah.

Olivia: You know, there's a lot of, we come into this work with so much ambition, , you know, we want what we want, and that's fair enough mm-hmm. , but, you know, ambition has expectation tied into it, and then there's disappointment, and then there's blame and shame. And it's like you, it's a true spiritual practice of presence and acceptance of like, this is what is here, and I'm celebrating that. And it, it's very difficult for our ambitious driven minds to, to get our ideas around Yeah. Wanting something but not wanting it so much that it's that that, that we just feel expectation and disappointment. Yeah.

Rahi: Yeah. Yeah. You know, part of that, um, ambition and results-oriented kind of mentality or societal conditioning, I feel like, you know, what I really appreciate about a lot of your material is encouraging. I, I read somewhere on your site an encouragement of a 30 day clitoral orgasm fast. Right? Yeah. Because we're so trained to be stimulation and results oriented that a lot of times it is, it is relied on as a way to avoid actual armor or actual mm-hmm. , you know, real material that's waiting to be mm-hmm. metabolized and released mm-hmm. , I feel like, you know what, you're speaking of this really slow, beautiful love affair that develops by listening, by being with the tissues and responding to the tissues of the cervix is a new way of, of self-loving that. Mm-hmm. is not the antithesis. I mean, again, to your point earlier, like clitoral orgasms are wonderful, but I think as a society it's really over relied on for pleasure at the expense of the more deeper, you know, vaginal or cervical terrains

Olivia: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. It is, um, it's easiest. It requires less vulnerability. You can, you know, um, you know, you can apply some force if nothing's happening, you can, you know, you can, it's just, it, it, it, it offers things that, you know, it's useful. But, you know, 30 days is, is not a lot compared to a and compared to what, you know, very pure neo tantric teachers would be like, not at all. Right. Like, really just get off it, and there's this mm-hmm. sort of, and I, I don't really like, I don't really subscribe to any kind of diet, whether it's, I don't like, I, I don't like that. I think that we're, we need to learn to have it all mm-hmm. in balance mm-hmm. and, but for me, yeah. There's an awful lot of resistance that comes when I say, okay, we gotta, we've gotta not have a clitoral orgasm for a while. Right.

Rahi: Right.

Olivia: I have to hide. Of

Rahi: Course. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Olivia: Gotta take your throw away. Right. You know, it could be really tough, but I'm, I'm saying 30 days when I did my first year, I think I would've had maybe four, four clitoral orgasms in that whole year, uhhuh. Um, and, and it was really hard mm-hmm. and I thought, I'll never feel, I'll never have an orgasm again. Mm. It was really hard. And, you know, I, so yeah. I, I I just say, you know, 30 days, I think it's fine. Just, just make sure, I think the main thing for me is make sure you're putting more emphasis on your internal world and your exploration mm-hmm. mm-hmm. , you know, do that more for a while. Right. You know, that's the main thing. Right. Um, cause there's a lot that, there's a lot that, you know, we have clitoral orgasms because potentially sometimes we are avoiding feeling mm-hmm.

Olivia: and, and, and sometimes armoring is necessary. Sometimes it's not the right time to feel our loneliness or to feel, you know, to feel our lack of connection or whatever it is that's, that's sitting there, you know, feel our grief mm-hmm. , it's not always the right time, but it's like any addiction. Mm-hmm. , if you want to go deeper, if you really want to find connection, you, you've gotta be willing to, to, to give that up to see what is there, which circles us right back around to the conversation of being able to hold and resource yourself. Yes. Which is what the self partnership work came in and did. Because if you don't have that tool of reparenting and learning to love yourself, you take away what has been like the, you know, the, the blankie, you take away the blankie mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. , and then it's like, there's nothing there that's gonna hold the, that's gonna support what might come up If you're, if you don't have the clitoral orgasm is like the dopamine hit that's gonna like, make, make it all feel better again and cover it up.

Olivia: Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So, so mm-hmm. . So this is an interesting line with the claral orgasm because it's so beautiful and it has a great medicine for so many reasons, and, and yet it has these other effects. Like it can, it can follow an addictive track and mm-hmm. , it can, you know, pull the energy in the wrong direction. Um, and it's, and it's actually then much harder to, it's sort of like shifting gears to go back mm-hmm. in again and, and, and, and, and feel the deeper energies that are moving in, in the other direction. Mm-hmm. upwards. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. It's, yeah. So, so that's where I sit with it. I'm, I'm very, I'm very moderate with that,

Rahi: So Yes, yes, yes. Well, 30 days is enough to create a new pattern. It's great to kind of reship the focus. The KLI tours is not going anywhere. It's, it's, it's a time to create new neural pathways and to discover, you know, it's like if I'm already, if I'm always eating, you know, potato chips before a great, you know, homemade dinner, I'm not gonna enjoy the dinner. So it just kind of a 30 day fast is not that big of a deal. But I love, no, I love the emphasis.

Olivia: And, and in the advanced practice, you know, when you get really practiced at your internal world, actually, you know, you can actually use the clitoris as part of it. It actually, it actually has its own little current move between clitoris and cervix. So it's like mm-hmm. , the cervical, the clal energy can kick up into the cervix and, and actually inspire it only mm-hmm. for me that that came way later. So mm-hmm.

Rahi: Mm-hmm. . So, you know, these are the kinds of insights and understandings I would be so excited for like mainstream society to know about, you know, like just what you pointed out there, like, to you, it's like, you know, it's part of your journey, you know, that later on you discovered how engaging the clitoris is, you know, like sends a certain energy to enhance your cervical orgasms. And I just want people to know all of this, you know, it's just so incredible. I know. It's so incredible.

Olivia: So yeah,

Rahi: Self Go check it out. There's so many great courses and great material. There's like, you know, a section just on science, there's a section, oh, you know, I wanna say there's a free, um, uh, there's a couple of free material, but one is how to heal from, from leap procedures that can damage nerves and create scar tissue and, and certainly create, create armor and, um mm-hmm. , I wanted to point out, you know, Kate shares, uh, in the, in the document, which is free, it's free to download, go to selfs, how her lead procedure at age 25 not only altered her sexual embodiment and libido and pleasure, but her whole zest for life. Yeah. I mean, it kind of reminded me of, um, Naomi w Wolf's book Vagina when she talks about how her orgasms went from being colored to like black and white. And so, yeah. You know, if you're, if you're listening and you've had a leap procedure and experienced some kind of shift in sexual responsiveness or sensations, uh, go to the resources section and you can download how to heal from LEAP procedure. Do you know, is there an alternative to leap procedures?

Olivia: Uh, there must

Rahi: Be safer ways.

Olivia: I mean, nothing is, it's very difficult for me to talk about this cuz I, I, I'm not a medical procedure PR practitioner and I know that this would be triggering for if you've got some listening. Got it. I wanna just offer an option because for in No, no way do I wanna take somebody's, I understand this is, can be a very scary situation. I think that the doctors tend to rush in and they tend to make it very scary. So then we are rushing in and actually it takes a very long time for these things to develop into something life-threatening a very long time. So I would, I say from myself, my personal, my personal opinion is, wait, there are alternative healing. There's an alternative. You can heal naturally. There is a lot out there on the website, on the, on the web right now about like, um, protocol for healing naturally.

Olivia: Mm. Um, so I would go down the, that road of like supplements and, and lowering stress levels, um, uh, before going into any, you know mm-hmm. invasive medical procedure that cuts the cervix. Right. A hundred percent. That would be my recommendation. But I also, you know, every woman has to make this dec every person with a cervix mm-hmm. has to make this decision based on what they feel comfortable with. But there is a long time between development of these things and, and actual cervical cancer. Yes. So, um, so, so protocols of supplements, um, if they do search on the web, there are alternatives to heal naturally. It can take about a year or two to heal naturally. So you can, you, you might wanna go back every six months and see if there's a progression, but if there's no progression, just keep going.

Olivia: Like keep trying to keep doing the healing work naturally cuz mm-hmm. Interestingly, I found a lot of people who end up developing, uh, cervical dysplasia, myself included, we'd had a lot of emotional trauma before that actually occurred. Mm-hmm. And so it, it, it seemed to be this Yeah. Like a reflection of something that had been going on emotionally hard stuff. Yeah. Um, that was manifesting in the uterus that was coming out and, and presenting at the, at the cervix. I see. And so the healing is Yeah. Releasing the stress, releasing the grief. Like there's a lot of, and a lot of, um, sub different kinds of supplements. So that would be where I'd start looking.

Rahi: Yeah. You know, that touches on the really important acknowledgement of how, I mean, we've talked about the heart cervix connection, but how profound the cervix really does respond to, to love, you know, whether it's with oneself, whether it's with the lover, like when it's like, it's almost like the cervix is attuned to the love energy and really responds and opens up to that love energy, whether it's from oneself or with a lover. Um, and I know that the, the, the acupuncture point of the cervix is the heart, isn't it?

Olivia: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I believe that it shares a channel mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah. I believe it shares a channel. Um, yeah. For me, for me, it's all about what we can do once we start elevating the, the energetics, the state of our body, you know, our emotional energetics and how that actually has this effect on our, uh, sen our coherence. So we couldn't create a, a coherent state, and this coherency allows, you know, all, you know, allows our body to move into these optimized, um, have these optimal experiences. Mm-hmm. So yeah, it makes sense to me that, that love mm-hmm. This, this, this emotional, uh, piece is really mm-hmm. Allowing the cervix to relax and open because it, it's so multifaceted. Like it's multidimensional, it's mm-hmm. , it's chemical, it's nervous system, it's energetic, all of it, you know, but at the heart is sort of at the center of it. And I'm now like really feeling into the possibility that the heart is the foundation of cervical orgasm, mm-hmm.

Rahi: .

Olivia: Mm-hmm. , you know, I'm really feeling into that. It's the, this hard energy that is a allowing for these, these high, I'll just say the words, high frequency states of orgasm to occur. Right. Because, you know, yeah. I won't go any further into that.

Rahi: No, that's, it's, I mean that really, I think that that that succinctly, succinctly, uh, encapsulates it, you know, um, and I think it really reflects the, the work of self cervix and, and the courses you're now offering. You know, it's really exciting, you know, that you're, that you're bringing this, I

Olivia: Wanna go back to basics as well. I'll go back to basics cuz I do know that, like, that is a, that is a next level conversation, so mm-hmm. We'll be starting the self-service experience, I think, you know, in a couple of months. And so we start right back at the beginning again, you know, and, you know, we really get practical and we really Yeah. You know, and then over time it just, sure, over time we start to pull in these more esoteric, um, ideas and, and mm-hmm. ,

Rahi: They're esoteric ideas, but they're also, you know, invitations to embody certain states of consciousness and energy that is a, that has a felt sense in the body once the body experiences that it knows. Yeah.

Olivia: And, and you know, to be honest, I think that I'm saying esoteric because I'm still, I'm still very aware that this isn't necessarily respected by mainstream science. So like, I don't find it esoteric at all. Like if you start going into like quantum theory, it, you know, it, it actually, you can find a lot of this based in science, but I know mm-hmm. , I guess what I'm trying to say is it's, yeah, it's, it's a less practical, you know, we are not really having those conversations in the mainstream yet. Right. I don't know if people are really ready for it. So I'm kind of, I need to Yeah. I'm gonna own that. I'm gonna stop apologizing for it and be like, yeah, this is cool. It's actually the coolest thing.

Rahi: I, this is cool.

Olivia: Started this possibility that we can move sexual energy through magnetics, through electromagnetic fields is like Yeah. Tring my mind out.

Rahi: Amazing. Yeah. That's so, so thrilling and exciting. I love, I love that you're, you're really, you're really, you're really following where the energy is taking you. And I think that's just, yeah. Amazing. That's so wonderful. Um, yeah. So Olivia, before we close off, I just wanna mention the Cervical Orgasm Research Project is collecting data on the experiences of cervical orgasms because no one else is doing it. I am imagining it just must be amazing, all of the, the firsthand experiences that people are sharing about their cervical orgasms. Um, but you are like collecting, you're collecting data on people's experiences of that.

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. And actually, your question to me was really interesting cause I, it, I'd like to talk to you after this about potential other questions, but, uh, yeah, it's been, it's been very validating having so many people write in and share their experience because, you know, one hand, the medical world will say the cervical orgasm doesn't exist. Hmm. So it's, it's very validating to have all of these, these Yes. Testimonies, and the testimonies range from more physical emotion, physical experiences all the way through to quite psychedelic experiences, you know, seeing lights and, you know, going through tunnels and, you know, so it's, wow. Wow. It is a range. And I'll always say like, this cervical orgasm is, is a spectrum. Mm-hmm. . Um, and so it's been an amazing thing. One of the, I guess one of the main, to speak to your point before, one of the main, uh, continuing, or like the theme is that love is seems to be present in like 95% of of people they're feeling love.

Rahi: Yes.

Olivia: Yes. So, so that also feels very validating to me. Yes. So I think that there's more that I can do in terms of asking, you know, what are, what are, what are other, you know, consistent things that have been present for you to have this experience. Um, um, beautiful. Yeah. There's more to be done there. There's, there's actually more to be done there and, yeah. Yeah. It's cool though. Cool. I, I really can't wait. Cool. The rea the reason I'm, I'm creating, I'm kind trying to get these experiences because one day maybe there'll be a book and then there'll be lots of people, not just me sharing about, you know Yeah. Their experiences.

Rahi: Yeah. I think that needs to happen. I mean, definitely. Yeah. It needs to happen. For our listeners, the site is self There's a lot of free info, there's a lot of brilliant courses. There's a 12 month, uh, training that's gonna happen in 2024, which is very exciting. Olivia, thank you so much for joining us today. I love all that you shared and how, just how giving you've been in sharing your personal journey and evolution with, with, with, with me and everyone. Thank you so much.

Olivia: You're welcome. Thank you so much for having me.

Rahi: How is this interview landing in your body right now? Can you tune into what your cervix may be wanting or how it's feeling? Are you aware of any sexual experiences or medical procedures that may have stifled its voice or capacity to feel? Is there any numbness or armor wanting to be addressed or waiting to be acknowledged? Links to self cervix, scientific research involving the cervix and the Cervical Orgasm project are all in the show notes. Every part of our body deserves to be listened to, honored and loved fully and deeply. Until next time, take good care.

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