Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your clients and what are their intentions?

The range in clients is quite diverse in age, background, and experiences with their body, sexuality, and sexual energy.  The range in clients’ intentions is equally diverse as every soul’s journey is so unique, and thus, their experiences as a sexual being, reflecting this, so varied.  

The similarities amongst clients is a pretty clear inner knowing about their readiness to receive this work, and a resonance with the expansion and self-exploration of their sexuality and empowerment via sexual energy.  The other similarity tends to be a healthy conscious lifestyle, and an engagement in mind-body-spirit practices, such as meditation, yoga, breath work, etc.  Because Somatic Sexual Wholeness involves these aspects in addressing the client’s well-being, it appears natural that those engaging in such a lifestyle would resonate with this holistic approach to sexual health and wholeness. 

What is “empowerment via sexual energy”?

It is the experience of fully embodying and being connected to your source of life force energy by removing blocks that may be in the way, and consciously expanding and circulating this energy allowing its intuitive intelligence and Spirit to nourish and inform your life.  

During each session, the practice for the client is in receiving - being present to receiving the sensations, feelings, and intuitive wisdom from their own Source of Divinity within.  Every sexual being has all of the wonderful, delicious, ecstatic, expansive, beautiful, and fulfilling elements of sexual/spiritual wholeness within them. The client’s meditation is to be present within their own body, and feeling how their aliveness and energy wants to be honored and experienced.  

The exception to this is during the intentional release of fascial armoring, when the charging and dis-charging breaths are employed to release any stored pain or numbness.  Whilst still present to the sensations and feelings in their body, in order not to be triggered into re-experiencing a past trauma, the client connects with the eyes of the facilitator as an anchor, to know that they are safe and present in the healing space and engaged in a conscious process to release un-integrated sensations and feelings from the past, whilst not re-experiencing the past trauma itself.  

Why would a woman seek these services from a Man and not from another Woman?

Whether receiving these services from a woman or a man, I would first encourage anyone to assure their sense of safety and trust with the practitioner.  I strongly feel this to be the most important element of any session.

Female clients report that working with a male practitioner whom they trust, as it relates to sexual health and wholeness, can be life-changing in terms of positively re-conditioning past experiences.  If there have been past associations with masculine energy that were of a dis-honoring, un-safe or dis-respectful nature, the potential to replace these with new associations of masculine energy as safe, present, sacred, and honoring of who you are and of your sexual empowerment, can then create a new point of reference for experiences of the masculine.  

Additionally, because the nature of the work involves expanding the body's capacity to honor and experience sexual life force energy, the presence of sexual polarity between masculine and feminine energies can assist in generating and circulating life force energy for healing - if your energy is one that responds to the masculine polarity.  

Do you work with men?


One of the reasons I was drawn to the Sexological Bodyworker training at The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality was in order to with all genders and self-identified sexualities.  Our universal life force energy is expressed through all forms, genders and orientations. 

How do you work with clients who are married or in committed partnerships?

When holding space for clients who are in committed partnership, I am in service to the intimacy of the partnership.  As such, I invite the full participation of the partner to the degree that all parties feel safe.

Often times, engaging with a beloved partner intimately can trigger the very issue or physiological/emotional contraction from which we are trying to heal.  In these instances, it can be beneficial to involve the support of a neutral third party to resolve and release the issues eliciting these past wounds or patterns, so a new healthy dynamic can be created within the partnership.  I work in concert with licensed MFTs and Intimacy Coaches specializing in couples and relationships for this reason.  

How many sessions do clients typically receive?

As each client’s intention and journey is unique, so too are the number of sessions addressing each intention.  The intake process illuminates the journey of how many sessions may serve addressing the client's intention, while the initial session itself, serving as a diagnostic, further clarifies a great deal in regards to how many and what kind of sessions moving forward can best support and address the client's intention.  The majority of clients receive between 3 and 8 sessions to successfully address their intention.   

What are your rates ?

As the intentions and practices involved in each session vary, so too do the rates. Each session can range anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, and each series, anywhere from 1 to 12 months and involve a different combination of modalities. At the end of the intake process, a clarity emerges as to the intentions for the space, the modalities to apply in the initial session, and rates which reflect this. The initial session then further reveals what core issues are inviting shifts, expansion, and release, and what level of commitment this calls for moving forward in terms of follow-up sessions, home-play practices, rates, and timeline.

What if I don't live near Los Angeles?

Clients who live outside of Los Angeles find that immersion retreats of anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks can be powerfully effective in restoring and re-conditioning their experience of their embodied sexuality, pleasure, and wholeness. These are tailor-designed, based on the client’s intention, history, and listening closely to the body’s sense of readiness and safety. Los Angeles is abundant with beaches, hiking trails, and spiritual/healing events making it a wonderful place to integrate between sessions during a stay of any length.

Skype Sexual Wholeness Coaching sessions, which begin with a thorough exploration of the influences and experiences of a client’s development psychology, to their current embodiment as it relates with their sexuality, can also serve as an effective prelude to an immersion retreat, revealing a through-line from present-day sexual behaviors to the roots of their inception. 

How can I best prepare myself for a session?

Having a clear intention as a guiding light and listening to the body's innate wisdom has led to the greatest transformations for clients.  Attachment to a goal can often interfere with the natural flow of this process as this can impose an outside agenda (even if it's from one's own mind) onto the body.  It is common for clients to share that their expansion in embodied pleasure, wholeness and transformative healing far exceeded what they first thought was possible.  As in all of life, what is possible is often beyond our imagination.