The Modalities

Consciousness, Safety, and Presence lay a foundation for restoring the body’s natural state of embodying life force energy. They create a safe container for the following counseling, somatic, and holistic sexual healing modalities.

My healing sessions with Rahi completely transformed my ability to experience my body and pleasure in ways which I truly thought were lost due to old pain and programming from childhood abuse. Not only did his work completely release the pain and numbness, it allowed me to realize how much I had not been present in my body throughout my life even though I considered myself a spiritually evolved being on a healing path. He completely helped me reawaken the pure and innocent joy of being a sensual being.
Kimberly N.

Sylmar, CA

Mindful Inquiry:

An identification and exploration of the influences shaping one’s sexual identity, patterns, and attitudes, including early relational intimacy dynamics, developmental arousal & pleasure experiences, and adult sexual patterns & behaviors.

TRE® & NeuroAffective Touch™:

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises are a series of 7 non-touch, non-invasive exercises designed to elicit the body’s natural tremor mechanism for releasing contracted stress and anxiety held within the neurophysiology of the brain stem, psoas muscle, and nervous system. NeuroAffective Touch invites a listening for how the body wants to be supported, and through engaging the body on its own terms, facilitates the release of chronically held protective patterns.

Sexological Bodywork:

As CA state-certified Somatic Sex Educators, Sexological Bodyworkers are uniquely trained to facilitate an embodied presence for discerning the body’s active consent & boundaries involving touch & sexuality, and expanding states of erotic & ecstatic presence, arousal, and pleasure. Instructive practices include identifying & communicating embodied awareness and requests involving touch, ecstatic breath work, pleasure mapping, taoist erotic massage, and scar tissue remediation.

Inner Pelvic Freedom: 

Breath, sounding, intentional touch, and presence are facilitated in the release of physiological/emotional armor within the pelvic bowl, often representing un-integrated past experiences and emotions.  The Taoist arts of Chi Nei Tsang & Karsai Nei Tsang, scar tissue remediation, and urogenital steaming may also be emplyed to restore the full expression and experience of one’s sexual presence, health, and embodied pleasure.

Certified Somatic Sex Educators abide by a code of professional conduct and ethics involving 28 clearly defined guidelines to honor the safety of both the client and the facilitator, including clear communication of boundaries and consent, being fully clothed at all times, uni-directional (one-way) touch from facilitator to client, and the necessary use of hygienic gloves when making contact with genitalia.

Confidentiality and privacy speak to the trust that is sacred to the process.

In honoring my own safety, I work with clients referred by friends, current/past clients, and trusted health-care professionalsengage in a conscious mind-body-spirit lifestyle, are at least 30 years of age, and share an understanding and self-responsibility that our life experiences manifest from our own creation and that of our higher consciousness.