Honoring your Body’s Organic Nature for Intimacy, Pleasure, and Wholeness.

Somatic Sexual Wholeness is a unique blend of Mindful Inquiry, TRE® – Tension/Trauma Release Exercises, NeuroAffective Touch™, Sexological Bodywork™, and Inner Pelvic Freedom to re-store and expand the safe, natural, and ecstatic presence in the body and its full capacity for intimacy, pleasure, and wholeness.  

Sessions are sequenced intentionally to first address early childhood attachment deficits affecting the nervous system, before reclaiming the adolescent’s sovereign voice/choice of their body’s boundaries & consent, after which empowered awareness and aliveness is restored within the pelvic bowl for alignment of the whole being.

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New Online Course

The 3 Keys to Gential Dearmouring for Reclaiming and Expanding Pleasure

How to bring safety within the nervous system to reclaim your body’s authentic sovereignty and empower your sexual autonomy.

Clients’ Experiences: 

Allana Pratt Intimacy Expert, Author

Allana shares how releasing trauma held in her body has lead to an embodied safety in receiving.

Dr. Birch Story Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. Story shares her journey of re-inhabiting her body and pleasure after healing from cervical cancer.

Lauren Brim Sexual Wellness Coach, Author

Lauren shares how releasing emotions held in her pelvis facilitated her natural home-birth experience.

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As recommended by:

Dr. Prudence HallGynecologist and Founder, The Hall Center

Dr. Jennifer Lang, OB/GYN, Gynecologic Oncologist, Author of “Consent”

Dr. Aline LaPierre, PsyD, Creator of NeuroAffective Touch, Author of “Healing Developmental Trauma”

Dr. Eric B. Robins, Urologist, Mind/Body Medicine Expert

Dr. Daniel Sadigh, PsyD, MFT and Founder, The Wheel of Well Being

Dr. Nicki J. Monti, PsyD, MFT and Author of “Our Love Matters”

Dr. Suzanne Schiller, DC, Holistic Women’s Health Chiropractor

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