Rahi Chun

Rahi combines his training and experience as a CA state-certified Somatic Sex Educator/Sexological Bodyworker, Certified TRE Provider, NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner, Life Coach with an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, with certifications in Family Constellations Therapy, DeArmouring Arts, Chi Nei Tsang & Karsai Nei Tsang, and STREAM (Scar Tissue Remediation and Management) in his facilitation of Somatic Sexual Wholeness.

His varied background and experience in a variety of mind, body, and spirit modalities includes completing the Osho Advanced Therapy Training in Pune, India, Family Constellations Therapy with founder Bert Hellinger in Schladming, Austria, DeArmouring Arts Training with De’an Matuka, Sanna Sanita & Susanne Roursgaard at Angbacka, Sweden, Margot Anand’s Love and Ecstasy Tantra Training at Harbin Hot Springs, CA, and in-depth practices from the Zen, Vipassana, Osho, and Kundalini meditation traditions.

Extended Bio

Rahi was birthed from his Mother’s womb with severely crooked legs (she jokes that he must have been meditating in her womb sitting in lotus position).  Rather than obeying her doctor’s recommendation to perform surgery on his new-born knees, as a nurse, she intuitively knew instead to massage his infant legs every night until they grew straight, which they did after 3 years.  Rahi grew up massaging each of his parents at the end of their work-day leading to a natural understanding of moving energy through conscious touch. His interests in energy, healing, and consciousness guided his path into adulthood.

Somatic Healing, Sexual Energy, and the Body

Rahi was first trained in the conscious use of breath, movement, sound, and touch to generate and expand the body’s capacity to experience sexual energy and direct its circulation for healing with Oakland’s The Body Electric in 1991.

From 1993-1994, he studied with Taoist Master Mantak Chia, resonating deeply with the Taoist understanding that sexual energy and spiritual energy are expressions of the same life force, and began practices in the conscious circulation of life force energy for the expansion of health and consciousness.

In 2001, he completed tantra pioneer Margot Anand’s Love and Ecstasy Training which involved three residential trainings, the first of which focussed on releasing trauma and repressed emotions in the form of muscular and genital armoring from the tissues and fascia of the pelvic bowl.  Rahi continued his training in the application of sexual energy for healing and consciousness with Tantrika International from 2001-2003, and became a certified Daka (sex healer) via Dr. Corynna Clark’s Daka/Dakini School in 2003.

In 2006, during the 3-month residential Osho Advanced Therapy Training in Pune, India, Rahi was trained in Pulsation Therapy based on the work of Wilheim Reich and Charles Kelley.  He later trained with Dr. David Berceli, founder of TRE, and Nkem Ndefo, President of TRE Los Angeles, to understand the neurology, physiology and psychology of shock and developmental trauma, and inviting the body’s natural tremor mechanism in its safe release from the nervous system. He then trained with Dr. Aline LaPierre, founder of NeuroAffective Touch, to learn how to address early relational trauma and the release of its affects on chronic protective holding patterns in the body, and currently assists her trainings in Los Angeles.  In Europe, he completed DeArmouring Arts Training combining shamanic and modern-day approaches to releasing emotional/physical armor from the throat, heart, pelvis, and sushumna channels, and in Los Angeles completed the STREAM Training for postpartum care.  More recently, he returned to Thailand to study with Master Mantak Chia training in the Taoist practice of Chi Nei Tsang (inner abdominal organ massage) and at the Banjong Clinic with Khun Ni in Karsai Nei Tsang (inner genital organ massage).  Rahi is also a CA state-certified Somatic Sex Educator via The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality based in San Francisco.

Developmental Psychology and the Mind

In the Winter of 2003, following the passing of his beloved Father, Rahi ventured to Pune, India, for a 7-week stay at the Osho Meditation Center to engage in the 20-day residential process, Primal De-Conditioning.  Within a safe container in which all repressed emotions from childhood and adolescence were felt, explored and expressed, whilst engaging in Osho meditations every morning and afternoon to witness the patterns of the mind, Rahi experienced the expansive peace of resolving un-integrated experiences from his developmental years, and the power of resolving issues with a mind-body-spirit integration.

From 2004-2006, Rahi deepened this understanding and facilitation in the University of Santa Monica’s Master of Arts program in Spiritual Psychology.  In addition to traditional approaches to therapy, the highly experiential program involved transpersonal practices from the understanding that we are spiritual beings embodied in human form. He continued his association with USM as volunteer adjunct faculty, reading and grading the self-counseling papers of the Master’s candidates for 7 years.

After graduating USM in 2006, Rahi was selected to participate in the 3-month residential Advanced Therapy Training at the Osho Meditation Center where he was trained in 4 additional modalities of counseling.  In addition to Pulsation Therapy, these included Family Constellations Therapy involving the resolution of systemic issues within a family’s multi-generational energy field, Osho Counseling, involving the practice of presence and listening to the client’s sub-conscious in holding space, and Primal De-conditioning, returning to this original group process involving the full presence to, and experience of un-expressed feelings and emotions from our developmental stages, for their complete integration and release.

Fascinated with Family Constellations Therapy, Rahi furthered his experiences through advanced trainings with his teacher, Svagito Liebermeister (author of The Roots of Love) in Tarragona, Spain, and with the therapy’s founder, Bert Hellinger, in Austria at the Schladming Constellations Summer Camps in 2007 and 2008.

Returning to the U.S., in 2009, Rahi then engaged in a year-long certification as a Life Coach via The Garden Company which focussed on the psychology of our developmental years, and more recently, completed the certification in Faster EFT for Sexual Trauma, which combines NLP, hypnosis, and traditional EFT (also known as the Tapping Method) to collapse past memories in the sub-conscious and create new healthier interpretations by utilizing the body’s physiological responses to the mind’s experience of memories.

Meditation, Yoga and Spirit

First exposed to a regular yoga and meditation practice whilst living with a home-stay family and studying at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, Rahi frequented the traditional Zen Temples for Zen meditation.

Later that year, whilst traveling in Thailand, he discovered the Buddhist monastery Wat Ram Poeng, and the practice of Vipassana Meditation in a 21-day retreat.  Taught by Lord Buddha, Vipassana invites a presence to what is happening as its happening, and remaining witness whilst experiencing feelings and sensations in the body and awarenesses of the mind.

Years later, Rahi was drawn to the practice of Osho meditations, which involved the full body’s creative and emotional expressions, followed by stillness for the mind to watch from a neutral place of witnessing.  At the end of his first extended stay at the Osho Center in India in 2004, Rahi chose to become a disciple of Osho and committed to living a life of awareness and meditation.  He was given his spiritual name “Dhyan Rahi” (Sanskrit meaning “Meditation Traveler”) in a beautiful ceremony honoring this commitment.

In 2009, he was blessed to discover Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, a deeply evolved science and technology which uses the breath as the engine, combined with a yoga kriya, mudra, drishti (point of focus), and often a mantra to activate energy channels stimulating the pineal and pituitary glands in clearing the sub-conscious and bringing balance to the 10 bodies.  Rahi completed the teachers training at Yoga West in 2010 becoming a certified KRI instructor, and has engaged in an ever-deepening daily morning sadhana practice since.

A lover of travel and culture, Rahi has enjoyed pilgrimage through the mountains of Tibet, the Annapurna in Nepal, the Golden Triangle in Thailand, in his parents’ homeland of South Korea, and Lord Buddha’s 4 sacred sites in India, and has received blessings from His Holiness The Karmapa and His Holiness The Dalai Lama at their respective temples in Dharamsala, indigenous Shaman in the mountains of Peru, and from Guru Ram Das.  It is his intention to merge his roles in entertainment and holistic healing to create media content illuminating the transformation of consciousness available from sexual health and healing practices for mainstream audiences.