Keys to Expanding Sexual Life Force Energy,

naturally also serve as keys to healthy conscious living:

Presence, Breath, Sound Vibration and Movement/Body Awareness.

To check out the sources, please follow the yellow marked links in the text below…


  • Vipassana: Goenka approach practiced in the US over 10-day silent retreats
  • Wat Ram Poeng: Offers a non-Goenka approach in beautiful Northern Thailand
  • Osho Active Meditations: These highly effective and cleansing meditations are designed to consciously express and experience repressed feelings and emotions.


In Los Angeles, we are blessed with these wonderful breath gatherings:


  • 5 Rhythms Movement developed by Gabrielle Roth facilitates a process of surrendering to your body’s deepest expressions with gatherings worldwide.

In Los Angeles, the body is honored and celebrated with an abundance of movement-related classes, workshops and gatherings every day of the week.

  • Movinground: Jo Cobbett holds a beautiful space for meditation-in-motion and embodied ecstatic dance.  Links to dance/movement gatherings all over L.A. and CA can be found on her website under “connect/other dance offerings”
  • Kate Shela: Shamanic Healer and Teacher holding an exquisite space weekly for deeply sacred and unique 5 rhythms experiences
  • Julian Walker: Facilitates an ecstatic expression of the soul via the body twice weekly with a mixture of funky and powerful dance grooves and rhythms.


Sound baths are taking over Los Angeles!!

  • Gong Flow Yoga: Guy Douglas holds a beautiful space, often with Ana (below) for group sound baths and private sessions.
  • Shakti Sound Bath: Ana Netanel is the brightest light ever!! Her 75-minute multiple-gong baths make for a very happy body temple.

Releasing Trauma from the Body

  • “What Resets Our Nervous System After Trauma” – Somatic Therapy pioneer Dr. Peter Levine describes his 9 steps which closely resembles the stages used in Somatic Sexual Wholeness.
  • NeuroAffective Touch: As developed by Dr. Aline LaPierre, co-author of “Healing Developmental Trauma,” engaging the body “on its own terms” to heal early attachment, developmental and relational trauma.
  • DeArmouring Arts: In-depth training and experience of Body De-Armouring and Sexual Healing via 7 and 11-day retreats in Europe and U.S. by De’an Matuka and Sanna Sanita.
  • TRE: Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises as developed by Dr. David Berceli
  • Lumos Transforms: A wonderful & skilled community of practitioners led by Nkem Ndefo facilitating the safe release of tension and trauma from the nervous system.
  • NICABM:  The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine is a terrific resource with webinar series/online courses about new brain science using mindfulness in healing the brain & body from past memories.

Women’s Sexuality and Health

The recommended sites below all incorporate body, heart, mind and spirit and the full spectrum of sexuality, from healing, health, fully embodied orgasm, pleasure and relationships.

  • Lauren Brim is a Sexual Wellness Coach, former doula & mid-wife, and author of The New Rules of Sex and The New American Family.  Her understanding of women’s sexual health, holistic well-being, and Motherhood is outstanding.
  • Eva Clay‘s delicious and dynamic synergy as a sacred sexuality teacher, neuroscience professor and psychotherapist shines through her embodied heart/mind/sexuality programs for women and couples.
  • Kimberly Ann Johnson combines her unique expertise as a trauma-informed Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, former doula, and author of “The Fourth Trimester” focussing on postpartum care.  Her excellent Magamama embodiment programs and podcast are here.
  • Violet Lange invites women to embody their pleasure and power in love, dating and relationships via her paradigm-shfiting programs for successful, spiritual women.
  • Pamela Samuelson‘s body of Body awareness combines deep dive knowledge of muscular, physiological, energetic, and emotional pelvic anatomy in its repair.  
  • Devi Ward teaches holistic sex and Tibetan tantra from a deeply spiritual womb. An inspired teacher with a variety of programs for women, men and couples and a weekly “Sex is Medicine” radio show covering holistic sex education.
  • Steamy Chick: The world’s leading expert on vaginal steaming, now compiling quantitative data on the indisputable benefits of this centuries-old practice resolving a wide range of issues from irregular periods, heavy bleeding or cramping, infections, cysts/fibroids, fertility challenges, hot flashes, postpartum healing, etc.

The Jade Egg

All clients receive a Jade Egg made from 100% Canadian nephrite jade, or a Black Obsidian Egg made of the highest quality for home-play.  The long list of sexual and health benefits available from this ancient practice includes increased pleasure and lubrication, strengthened internal organs, healing trauma, increased dexterity of vaginal muscles, and a deepening psycho-spiritual connection between yoni & heart.

  • Ancient Taoist Practices for the Jade Egg and Breast Massage/Ovarian Breathing.
  • Saida Desilets’ PhD-thesis focussed on the benefits of this wonderful practice shared in her free e-book.  For an in-depth exploration of her expertise, her comprehensive book “Emergence of the Sensual Woman” is an exellent resourse.
  • Shashi Solluna also studied with Taoist Master Mantak Chia and Tantra pioneer Margot Anand offering her Tao-Tantra fusion of the Jade Egg practice.

Please be aware that the quality of stone or crystal is a factor in the benefits received in this practice.  


Goddess/Sacred Feminine


  • Margot Anand (pioneering author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and whose LET training serves as a foundation for SSW) teaches around the world, and her teachings are also offered through Sky Dancing Institute in Northern CA.

Tantra based in Los Angeles

  • Dawn Cartwright was my first tantra teacher in 2000.  I have known and admired the ways in which she lives, loves and teaches from her tantric life practices and experiences.  Highly recommended.

Taoist Sexual Energy Practices

  • The Tao of Sexology by Dr. Stephen T. Chang is a classic must-read for anyone interested in sexual wholeness and well-being practices.
  • Mantak Chia: Master of Taoist Energy Healing, Health and Cultivation practices, and author of a wide range of now Taoist modern classics.
  • Solla Piz’s expertise in the Taoist and Tantric Arts for improving sexual health, vitality, and conscious intimacy is outstanding, and includes ancient Taoist therapeutic practices for re-vitalizing sexual energy from the inside out.

Quodoushka Sexual Practices

  • Shamanic Dearmoring: Ancient sexual practices and wisdom from the Native American heritage in sexual de-armoring and healing.

Masculine/Feminine Sexual Polarity and Relationships


  • David Deida is a master of communicating the core sexual energetic polarities in relationships and the dance between Masculine and Feminine.
  • John Wineland assisted Deida for many years and has created his own powerful body of work as an intimacy coach and workshop leader.
  • Christina Antonyan‘s life exploration in the realms of masculine and feminine sexuality is reflected in her insightful articles, video courses and coaching.
  • Judith Claire and Frank Wiegers are happily married sex & relationship experts and authors of “So THAT’S Why They Do That! Men, Women and Their Hormones.” They integrate their mastery of the role gender-driven behavior plays in the dance of intimacy with their tantric background and decades of counseling experience.

Sexual Healing, Wholeness and Education

  • The Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers represents Somatic Sex Educators/Sexologists world-wide with a Practitioner Directory to assist in locating a facilitator near you.

  • Trusted Bodywork is an international platform for sex counseling, certified tantra massage and sex coaching listing hundreds of certified sexuality practitioners with various specialties all over the world. 

  • Dr. Ellen Heed is a pioneering Somatic Educator/Healer drawing from her deep expertise and study of inter-disciplinary disciplines to bring resolution from the pain/disharmony of immediate or past traumatic experiences, scar tissue remediation, and bio-chemical/bio-mechanical imbalances.

  • Mike Lousada, based in London, and offering his expertise in the U.S. bi-annually, including workshops at Esalen, has combined mind and body modalities in creating Psycho-Sexual Somatics Therapy to effectively and safely address a wide range of sexual health, healing and intimacy issues.

  • Dr. Stella Resnick specializes in the associations formed during childhood affecting our adult sexual preferences and behaviors. Here, one of her excellent published research papers speaks to the comprehensive & effective approach of a body-based “Somatic-Experiential Model” for sexual healing & wholeness.

  • Sunyata Satchitananda’s site is a wonderful resource explaining in detail the nature and elements of somatic sexual healing and the responsibilities of both practitioner and client. His 7-point Safe Sexual Healing Checklist is valuable for anyone considering receiving sexual healing sessions for past abuse.

  • The School of Consent:  Training practitioners worldwide on the subtle distinctions and practice of Dr. Betty Martin‘s Wheel of Consent for clarifying boundaries and consent involving touch and intimacy.
  • Consent: The New Rules of Sex Education for Teens by Dr. Jennifer Lang is an excellent, practical, empowering, and informative support for teens and young adults, and wonderful resource for sex educators.

Self Awareness And Celebrating Consciousness

  • University of Santa Monica: A wonderful world leader in the practice and application of Spiritual Psychology
  • The Body Electric: Oakland-based leader in the field of somatic sexual healing and wholeness
  • Wildquest: Interact and play with wild dolphins off the coast of Bimini Island by day after morning yoga and meditation
  • Angbacka: Consciousness & body-centered awareness retreat center and festival on a beautiful farm in the middle of Sweden (One of my very favorite festivals.)
  • Osho Meditation Resort: Osho’s teachings and insights offered through a wide range of group therapies, creative & healing arts, and meditation in Pune, India

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