The Sessions

Every series of sessions is tailor-designed for meeting each client’s unique intentions and readiness. This may take the form of Skype or in-person Coaching, or additionally, TRE/NeuroAffective Touch sessions, or additionally, Sexological Bodywork, or additionally, Inner Pelvic Freedom.  Listening to the body’s sense of safety, trust, and inner wisdom guides each journey throughout the process.


Coaching sessions are facilitated inviting a mindful inquiry with embodied presence. A dual awareness of engaging the cognitive mind whilst also being present to the body’s responses, we invite the body’s intuitive wisdom to inform what is ready to be explored and how the session wants to be guided. Listening to the body and being for what interrupted expressions are ready to be integrated and what energies want to be released, the experience becomes one of inviting a sense of safety to mind and body as it relates with its own experience.

Presence and Connection 

TRE and NeuroAffective Touch are facilitated for expanding one’s presence and connection with oneself and inhabiting the body. Eliciting the body’s natural “tremor mechanism” for releasing tension, stress and anxiety often chronically held from past traumas, TRE supports a re-regulation of the nervous system. NeuroAffective Touch then invites a listening for how the body wants to be supported and nourished in reclaiming its voice and empowered autonomy. The greater awareness and attunement with one’s inner life invites a deepening sense of connection with oneself.

Embodied Sensations and Feelings 

The Full Body Active Consent is designed to facilitate an awareness and practice of “touch fluency” – identifying, voicing, requesting, and receiving the kind and quality of touch your body wants. An acitve experience of consent, the client practices attuning to and honoring their body and boundaries in ways which repair and re-condition past memories contrary to this.  This meditation of receiving the embodied sensations, feelings, and intuitive wisdom from one’s own Divine Source invites a sense of aliveness in fully honoring one’s life force energy.

Inner Pelvic Freedom and Release 

Once a cognitive awareness, presence & inner connection, and touch fluency & active consent have been explored and practiced, either within a session or over a series, Inner Pelvic Freedom & Release can serve to expand one’s capacity for embodied sexual energy, pleasure, and wholeness by releasing any muscular or genital armoring from the pelvic bowl.  Breath, sounding, intentional touch, and presence are utilized in the expansion of embodied life force energy inviting a sense of loving wholeness within the client.


Integrating and acclimating to a new point of reference in pleasure, embodiment and wholeness is as important as the session itself. The integration begins during the session, as the session is brought to completion, and continues over the following days. A follow-up phone conversation, in addition to an email follow-up within two days, to discuss the client’s integration experience supports the client’s new-found awarenesses into their daily life inviting a sense of communion of their new inner and evolving outer realities.

Having been a Dr. of Oriental Medicine for 20 years, as well as personally navigating and taming cervical cancer for the last 8, I have done it all.  Nothing has been as profound however, as the healing experiences I have had working with Rahi Chun.  I have experienced a fundamental resurrection.  My whole pelvic floor has come alive, more than it ever was, even before the 6 surgeries.  Frozen traumatic energy has been liberated and transmuted, fueling enormous amounts of motivation, confidence, stamina, and creativity…. The transformations have been rapid and the change sustained.

Dr. Birch Story

Santa Monica, CA