How Prostate Massage Can Release Past Traumas & Expand Orgasmic States Into Spiritual Realms of Embodiment



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I finally met Asim and Stine in person when we participated in a Dearmouring Arts training in Serbia exploring various Tibetan, Lumerian and Egyptian energy clearing meditations for space-holders.  I was immediately drawn to their warmth and openness as people, but also fascinated by their insights and expertise about the prostate and prostate massage via their co-creation, The Prostatic Portal.  Getting to know the modules they’ve created for their online tantric training, I was blown away by their deep dive into the multi-faceted nature of the prostate as an organ with such far-reaching physiological, emotional, energetic and spiritual affects on its owner, and how they’ve synthesized health and healing prostate wisdoms from a wide variety of traditional and modern healing approaches.  The space they hold for participants to embody, empower and expand beyond their previous upper limits via prostate massage is a tremendous service to sexual health & pleasure, the balance of one’s inner masculine and inner feminine, and the reclamation of sexual wholeness and Spirit.  

Stine’s background includes her experience as a Holistic body therapist, midwife & integral sexologist.  She is passionate about supporting life changing transitions for human beings, embracing gender fluidity, transparency, tantra, dearmouring, core integrity, multiorgasmia and free sexual expression. A body therapist specializing in sexual health for all genders, and working with dermouring & healing sexual trauma, birth trauma & prostate health, she facilitates workshops and trainings around Europe.  Stine is also trained in Kaula Tantra, ART/Authentic Relating, Rebirthing Breathwork, Acupuncture, TRE, Core Awareness and De Armouring Arts and is based in Denmark and Holland. 

Asim’s background includes his experience as a Tantrik bodyworker, shamanic practitioner and energetic healer.  Educated in Kaula Tantra, Core shamanism, Loomi Loomi massage, he is self taught in energetic healing and Tarot.  Asim facilitates sessions, workshops and ceremonies in a blend of tantra, yoga and shamanism, in addition to expertise in de-armouring and energetic & chakra healing channeled through his intuition.  Asim works from a base in Holland and Copenhagen.

We explore: 


How “The Prostatic Portal” draws on the depths of wisdom from a variety of cultural traditions involving somatic psychology, physiology, sexuality and tantra, serving as an incredibly holistic and complete exploration of the health, pleasure, and spiritual benefits of this sacred gateway in the body.


How surrendering to receiving prostate massage – counter to the goal of doing – can be deeply healing, instructive, and revolutionary for men – opening up new expanses of pleasure, love-making, and ways of relating with self, lover, and the universe. 


How avoiding or denying anal pleasure and anal massage can be missing half of the pelvic pleasures available to the body due to the accessibility of pelvic nerves that is primarily available via internal pelvic palpation.


How the tissue of the womb/uterus is the same tissue that makes up the male prostate and as such, holds unintegrated issues and emotions relating to un-birthed dreams, purpose and intentions for prostate-owners. 


How prostate massage provides a wide range of health benefits including increasing blood flow, draining toxins, softening muscles & ligaments relieving lower back pain, alleviating enlarged prostates causing frequent urination, and expansive pleasure states, but first involves releasing the unintegrated emotional shadows and numbness also commonly held here.  


How the full-body experience of prostate orgasms via vagus nerve engagement, can be different from locally focussed genital orgasms via pudendal nerve engagement, and can support awareness for separating orgasm from ejaculation leading to multi-orgasmic states of being.


How early conditioning about the anus being taboo to touch, dirty, or associated with homophobia can be resolved as one discovers the health, pleasure and spiritual benefits of embodying the prostate.


How stimulating the inner pelvis can bypass the involuntary ejaculatory response and lead to expanded states of pleasure coursing through the body, rather than out of the body, and can support a shift from goal-oriented sex to surrendered orgasmic states of unlimited love-making.


How holding a safe and sacred space for prostate massage can be a deeply moving, intimate, and transformative experience for the space-holder in witnessing the deepest surrender and expansion of the receiver’s relationship with their body and sexual/spiritual being.

Rahi: Welcome to Organic Sexuality, where we explore the restoration of pleasure, the reclamation of sexual sovereignty and the realization of our embodied sexual nature, an invitation to honor the pleasures of your body by embodying the pleasures of your nature. I'm your host, Rahi Chun. I'm a certified Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker and creator of Somatic Sexual Wholeness. Today we explore The Prostatic Portal with its co-creators and space-holders, Asim SacredFire and Stine Krage. What if there's a safe and sacred practice for accessing, integrating, and releasing emotional and energetic shadow aspects of the male psyche and by doing so, not only increasing blood, Qi, and energy flow enlivening the innervation, health, and awareness of the entire pelvis, but also leading to expanded realms of pleasure, orgasmic states of surrender, and the embodiment of our spiritual/sexual nature. Today, we explore how The Prostatic Portal and prostate massage - also called "sacred spot massage, can serve as a most effective and efficient practice for clearing one's shadow and repressed emotions, deep healing of past traumas, and expanding orgasmic states of pleasure and spirit.

Rahi: Today, I am super excited to be inviting special guests to the podcast. Asim SacredFire and Stine from - at the moment, they're in Copenhagen and they have co-created an incredible invitation called The Prostaic Portal, which is an online event that anyone in the world can experience. But I feel like it's kind of revolutionary because the prostate and its incredible gateway to spirituality, to energy, to trauma, healing, to pleasure - is so not well-known. So I'll just describe what it is here. The Prosthetic Portal - it's an online tantra training with a very holistic approach to explore and learn about the bliss and the shadows of the prostate drawing on the depths of wisdom from somatic psychology, physiology, energy wisdom, and cultural traditions, including the wisdom of the chakras, the nadis, Chinese medicine, tantra, just to name a few... It's incredibly holistic, and a very complete exploration of the health, pleasure and spiritual benefits of engaging with the prostate. Asim and Stine, it's so wonderful to see you and to have you on the show.

Stine: Thank you for inviting us. Thank you,

Rahi: Yes. Yes. So Stine's background is as a midwife, she's a mother of three, a sexologist, a tantric, and sexological bodywork therapist based in Copenhagen. Asim SacredFire is a holistic tantric bodyworker using elements of shamanism, tantra, dearmoring, energetic and chakra healing infused through his intuition and he is based in Holland and Copenhagen as well. Um, I think the first question just to jump off would be, how did The Prostatic Portal birth through the two of you guys? Like how did this come to be? It's so exciting.

Stine: Yeah. So I think I would like to share that I was working as a tantric masseur in Copenhagen and mostly only for men, the place was actually only for men and they offered the prostate massage as well. And, I don't know, but all of a sudden all the clients I got was men having trouble ejaculating. And it was quite difficult to, to help them with this problem. Like premature ejaculation is more easy way of working around it, but this issue and I looked everywhere. I asked whatever I knew to guide me, where can I learn more about this? And I really didn't find the information I needed. So I became a little bit nerdy. Um, and I got the background as a midwife. So, I'm very good with my fingers, my two extra eyes, really to feel the differences of all these prostates - and patterns started to form like, okay, this is an issue.

Stine: This is an issue, and everything leading back to the prostate. And then, we both have a tantric teacher called Anarupa who has taught us a lot of the tantric knowledge we have today. And he invited us to do online workshops in a place called Be Tantric - as part of the lockdown and like offering all these teachings online. And we were like, brainstorming, what could be good? And I said, well, I have all this knowledge about the prostate. Maybe we could share that. And then he thought that was quite a good idea. And then I was thinking about asking Anand, if I should do it with him because I was, I'm not owning a prostate. So also felt like a bit of, not too much integrity teaching this and not having one, and then Asim got a little bit, why can't you do it with me?

Asim: We weren't - we didn't have a relationship that long. So it was also, there was a little bit of a hesitation to work together, but, I also felt like, okay, why don't we do that together then? And see it as an exploration to find out also for ourselves, what is the prostate all about, because what Stine was already sharing, you know, there is not much knowledge out there, but by creating The Prostaic Portal, we also, we went out to look in the world from, okay, where can we find knowledge and what are the different approaches we can, we can use in The Prostatic Portal?

Rahi: Yeah. As I was sharing, I mean, you guys really did such a deep dive. I mean, it really, I mean, it is like a PhD thesis, this, all the modules that, all the information, the wisdom, really, you guys followed your curiosity and really took it upon yourselves to understand the wisdom around prostate health, from all these different traditions, you know, Indian tradition of the chakra approach, the Chinese approach, like all of these different traditions. And it's fascinating what you've discovered. There's so much complimentary understanding, but you've kind of like honed it into one place. It's beautiful. I am very curious. Uh, I wanted to ask you Asim what your personal journey has been in discovering the sacredness of your prostate, because I think there are a lot of listeners who are men, or maybe wives or lovers of men who have been curious, who've heard about prostate massage, but maybe haven't really explored it. And, you know, once upon a time, I'm wondering whether you were someone who knew about it, but didn't really explore it. And what has your journey been like?

Asim: Yeah, I had, explored already, so a little bit of anal play, but, uh, for me also the prostate was yeah, like, okay, it's a male organ somewhere, but I don't know where and I had, yeah, some little experience with prostate massage before we started this project, for me, discovery of the prostate was really an eye-opener of how to experience pleasure because it gives a pleasure which is very different than, a penile stimulation, that you have to go much more into a surrendering. And when you have pleasure from the surrendering, it's very different and very much more opening up and without a goal. And that really helped me also to fuel my pleasure in having sex that's after the discovery of that, the possibility to have pleasure in a surrender, that completely changed the way of lovemaking, even if it didn't involve anal play or prostate massage.

Rahi: Wow. There's so many beautiful things you're sharing there. What I'm hearing is opening yourself up this receptive surrendering state, really getting in touch with your inner feminine, as a sexual being and expanding your whole capacity as a sexual being to one of wholeness, really. You know, I, I really feel like anal play and anal pleasure is so neglected in our society. It's almost like missing half the pelvis, much less prostate pleasure. And so, yeah, opening yourself up to the whole embodiment of who you are, both energetically, inner feminine, inner masculine wise, you know, as well as just feeling good. I think it's just a sacred journey that is inviting all prostate holders. So Stine, I'm really curious because you shared how you started by giving tantric prostate massage for men, I'm guessing you've witnessed such incredible awakenings, transformations like discoveries amongst the clients who've never had a prostate massage before. For our listeners who've never had prostate massage before, what really stands out in what you've witnessed in holding space for this sacred experience.

Stine: Well, before answering that, I was just actually laughing a little bit when you say half of the pelvis is missing, because that's also sometimes like guys would come, why would I want a finger up my butt? Like, what is it? And it was like, well, you kind of missing out maybe of half of your sexual potential, because like with women, we have an access to get to all these nerve endings and all these questions spots that you really can't reach the same way in a man. So that can be a bit provocative of course, to say that. But yeah, I had men in their fifties cry with grief. Like, why didn't I know about this sooner, this is so different experience for me. Yeah, like deep transformation and what I also sometimes see, like being a sexologist working with men and pleasure is that so many men need to feel pleasure through another's pleasure.

Stine: Like the indirect route of pleasure is the most common way for many men to get, feel pleasure. And this is surrender. So this is not through somebody else's direct pleasure. So that transformation of actually they don't have to perform, you don't have to do anything. They just have to surrender and receive. The prostate has such an invitation for that. If you can get past all, you know, the, the fear, anxiety around it and really try it. So I think that was maybe the biggest game changer for the men was to like - wow, I can feel this much pleasure just receiving without performing, without having an erection - like so many men usually won't have an erection during a prostate massage, but they still feel all of this pleasure. So it's also like, do not commute, do not commute. There's so much confusion in the moment. And then afterwards, just like, wow, this is so different. Yeah.

Rahi: Yeah. Profound and beautiful. I mean, all those points are really striking to hear it because I mean, I've, I've experienced prostate massage and pleasure, but I didn't realize how the performance aspect is really not there that a lot of men feel during sexuality. Yeah. I mean, my, I feel like, like the way Asim was speaking about how it made him a better lover. I, I feel like it helped my body understand how vulnerable it feels to be penetrated and gave me a whole different, empathic understanding of the vulnerability of that. I want to ask both of you, you know, I feel like it's really profound in your training, how you impart the understanding of how the womb tissue or the tissue of the uterus in the womb is the same tissue that makes up the prostate. And so there are all these issues within the male that shows up in the prostate of not birthing dreams, goals, visions, businesses, et cetera. Can you speak a little bit about the significance of how that that womb tissue in the female body is similar to the prostate tissue in a man? And the significance of that as far as what kind of trauma or unexpressed energy gets held there?

Stine: So of course I have a bit more of the physiological, like scientific approach. Asim is very strong in the more spiritual, energetic part. And then we meet somewhere there. So the prostate is actually a much more complex organ than uterus, like it has so many different functions. And it's a muscle as the uterus is also a muscle - it's making this contraction to, you know, repel the ejaculate from the prostate. And at the same time, it's a filter, it's a chamber. It's a, you know, it takes away the toxins. It's mixing all these different fluids. So it has so, so many, but what I find is the most common thing between the two is the way it's wired to nerves. And especially the Vagus nerve. For me, the Vagus nerve is the energetic superhighway, the sushumna, and like in the more holistic approaches. And it is really what makes energy flow more freely in the whole body, connected to all the organs and things like that. And I think that is very much why men experience this much more deeper orgasm - the full body orgasm is because they're connected to the vagus nerve. So that was shown in studies that the uterus and the cervix is connected to the Vagus nerve. It has still not been proven for men, but I totally believe that that these wiring is very, very similar.

Asim: Yes, the prostate is the same material as, as the womb. And it is - so the prostate is the organ of life in the men. And so everything that is related to life or the goals that you have in life, every problem that you have related to that will have its backlash on that. So if you are, you know, in your twenties, you're studying and you, you make your goals - ah, I'm going to make this in life. I'm going to do this. I'm going to be that. And this is how my future is going to be. And then later on in life, you have to reevaluate and you see like, okay, what of those goals did I reach? And which ones I didn't. And if you, then, if you were very attached to those goals, that's like a trauma connected to that organ in the prostate.

Asim: Uh, so all the promises that you have made yourself that you, how you are going to be, if that is not fulfilled, and if you're not come clean with yourself, and if you are, you can't say like, okay, you know, I was young. I had those dreams, but you know, now I'm older and wiser and I rescheduling my life and just make new goals and I'm fine with that. And then you can let that go. But yeah, if people feel like, oh, I didn't accomplish it, I didn't accomplish it. Then that is a trauma that is sticking to the prostate. But there is also - that's, uh, when you're later in life also physiologically, there are changes.

Stine: Yeah. I think, you know, those also part of a lot of the health problem in the prostate is that, especially like the, maybe fifty, sixty years generation they've been working so hard, like they really need to be somebody, you need to have a good job. You need to have a big car. You need to like push through a very stressful lives. And when we have very stressful life and we need all this materialism to feel safe in our life, and maybe it goes away, we'll lose money, we'll lose the job, we lose the car. You know, we have so much tightness in our roots. Like we just, you know, we just pull the buttocks together and keep going. So a lot of prostates are completely suffocating in this pelvic space because it's so tight, the muscle - there's so much. And you also know this from dearmouring, the sphincters and the whole Levitor, Ani is so tight. It's the same for men and women, that it can really held all the toxins in there - there's not enough blood flow, like all these things. And then there's the whole thing, like everything that is stored in our root, it's usually the deepest, the darkest, the most difficult emotions, experiences, trauma. They live in the pelvis - It's really the root of our existence. And, you know, when you, when you Google prostate, the first hit, you get cancer. That's what that's when people start to relate to the prostate is when it get sick.

Asim: And that is, you know, is the farthest away from the head, from the mind, it's the opposite side of the eyes. So it's the darkest corner of the male body. And so there is not much attention there. And so everything that wants not to be found, will be hidden there. And as well as Stine was saying, everything that's related to the lower chakras is stored there. So all the issues you have with life, all the issues with money, all the issues with sex, it's all in that region. And, um, if you don't get clear about it, how do you feel about it and be truthful to yourself about it? It will have an influence on that region.

Rahi: So what you guys are speaking to, there's so many facets of the prostate you're speaking to, um, there's the physiological, as you said, Stine, the filter where it's, it is filtering the toxins, you know, environmental toxins, but, you know, Asim, what you're speaking to is it's also filtering the emotional toxins, you know, of a man's life of a man's dream, of a man's vision, and self-identity of, of how he perceives himself. And yeah, the fact that it is in this very vulnerable place, I'd say the most vulnerable part of the body, you know, deep within the pelvis. And so it is very, very susceptible to so many of the stresses and influences that you've both shared. It's no surprise that, you know, I think prostate cancer is like the number one or number two killer of, of men, at least here in the states.

Rahi: I would like to, I just love how you're recognize how you both understand all the different ways the prostate is affected spiritually energetically, emotionally, physiologically. It's just so complete, such a complete understanding. I want to shift gears a little bit and ask you guys about the prostate massage itself that you facilitate for your clients and for your online training. Something that really stood out to me is how you really hold it as a sacred and safe ritual. There's a lot of intentionality. There's a shared meditation in the beginning. There's such reverence and awareness throughout the whole process. I'd love to know how, yeah. How your approach to the prostate massage evolved? Was it always so sacred or did you learn along the way? Because I love how you guys facilitate that.

Stine: So I guess in the beginning, what I did, it was like usually at the end of a massage - and it was mostly, a lot of them came for like the drainage, you know, like the blood flow, removing the toxins. So that's more like a physiological prostate massage, like massaging that area, softening the muscle, the ligaments, holding the prostate, actually relieving a lot of lower back pain, doing that, and really making a lot of blood flow. When you massage the prostate, you feel like an intense heat and you feel pulsation in the area quite fast. And that's really helpful. So with men for enlarged prostate would come like, oh yeah, for two or three days after a massage, I don't need to get up to pee, like three times a night, maybe only one time. So there's like the health benefit of that kind of massage.

Stine: And then of course, then there were other guys that completely healthy prostate, but just was really curious about, so what is that they're talking about? The male G-spot - I'm really curious to explore.. And then that way it was more like the orgasmic thing, but also the reason why we call it the prostatic portal is because yes, it's a portal - to multi-orgasmic experience, but it's also actually, you need to sometimes go through a lot of shadows portals like to face your, basically your shit - the emotional, the traumas, or the blockages you have there - before you can have access to that pleasurable multi-orgasmic experience. So it had many different facets, you know, different purposes, to do the prostate massage. So that's what we tried to do in the training - is a physiological one, and then we do an energetic one - is very much about removing blockages dearmouring the prostate. And then more like the orgasmic one where we really teach a lot about the pressures. And then at the end, is the spiritual one because we put it into the ceremonial context. It really makes it sacred and make it safe. For me, the sacredness is to make this really vulnerable space - safe for men to go there. So deep,

Asim: Prostate massage is, especially when you do it for the first time, receive it for the first time, it doesn't have to be pleasurable. A lot of the times there's still a lot of tension that has a lot of things going on - that are in the way of the pleasure. So first, all the shadows have to be seen and has to be released before you can get to that pleasure. So sometimes the first time it's not pleasurable for the men. And then it is only a healing.

Stine: And sometimes it's also just numb. You know, I don't feel you're touching anything right now. I feel like peeing -you know, there's simply no connection.

Asim: So first that connection has to be established - to use the sacredness and, and rituals is really about creating a space, a safe space where things can happen. And it's not so much about giving a pleasurable massage. It is creating a space where things can happen that needs to happen. Also when I am giving bodywork, my goal is not to give pleasure - what my goal is, is to give a healing. So then I am using the massage to get blood flow, to get the energy flow, and then that what needs to happen can happen for that. I also need a certain sacred space as a container for that,

Rahi: You know, in our, in our sexological bodyworker training, we were taught that the prostate and the G-spot in female bodies is made up of a certain crystalline structure of condensed tissue that's known to hold past traumas. And so what you're speaking to is, is the necessity of really clearing all of that, you know, baggage essentially in order for the aliveness and the pleasure to be experienced. But, it's such a, I mean, I always see like, whether it's, G-spot, sacred spot massage with the G-spot or the prostate as like the most efficient and effective way of releasing our past trauma and baggage, because we know that that's, it's designed to hold that. And at the same time it's available for such incredible orgasmic states that it's just kind of a gold mine that is waiting to be discovered.

Rahi: I wanted to ask you guys, could you speak a little bit about, prostate massage that includes genital pleasure versus prostate massage that is non-genital pleasure because, you know, in the material that I've seen, I've seen some prostate massage articles that don't really talk about genital pleasure. And in my experience with the clients I've worked with around prostate massage and myself, I find that there's so much more energy, as you've mentioned, blood flow, energy flow, and more accessibility to both trauma release and pleasure when the nerves that are involved with the genitalia are involved. But I'd love to hear, like, I mean, do you see pros and cons to including the genital pleasure with prostate massage or any cons?

Asim: No. I see, I see a pro in a way that you can relax the body by using genital massage, because it's like getting the attention a little bit away from the penetration of the, of the sphincters and the attention away from the prostate. Um, and in that way, there can be some more relaxation, because the key in the prostate massage is relaxation, even in terms to get there, you have to pass two sphincters of the anal sphincters, and they need to relax in order to come to that hidden gem, which is the prostate and to get there, genital touch can be very useful to get the attention a little bit away, and also the contraction that there is some pleasure in that way there that comes also a little bit relaxation.

Stine: How I see it very much is the first time you want to awaken like the prostate, it's also linked to the pineal nerves, you know, and then that's also linked to the Vagus nerve I believe. So it's very much like the neuroplasmic theory. So if you, you know one pleasure sensation and you combine it with another - the brain starts to make new pathways of pleasure. So in that sense, it could be very good to stimulate what is usually felt with pleasure at the same time as the prostate, it kind of awakens the area. I little bit more, and then you can go more with the prostate, and then they feel a little bit, and then you can support with a little bit of genital massage pleasure to enhance that feeling. And of course also, so the pudendal nerve goes all the way, of course, to the glands - the head of the penis, but it's also completely covering the whole perineum, around the sphincters, this whole, this whole area between the testes and the anus, that area has so much pressure potential as well.

Stine: And it's also actually possible to do an external prostate massage through that area. So we actually, in the massages we do, and we teach, we do a lot of pleasure massage in that area, relaxation. And we actually do a lot of massage of what we call the anal lips. So the sphincters. Like we really want to make it so receptive before even penetrating. So is such a big part of the whole ritual of getting to the prostate - it's a really big buildup. And if, when we work with the orgastic prostate massage, yes, we use the penile the massage, like a throttle, like spinning up, okay - we want to have a little bit more sexual energy, let's make a bit of a sexual energy and then, we stop the genital massage, and then I move it to the prostate - awakens and then it moves up. So yes, they be very much use for many different purposes.

Rahi: I'm hearing you as Asim said, there's a really huge benefit and support in relaxing the whole pelvic floor, um, relaxing the sphincters, which is really, really a key, increasing the blood flow. And I'm hearing from Stine,, you know, the importance of engaging the nerves through the genitalia that also enervate the anal sphincters and the prostate. Um, there's so many, so many great reasons, as well as, you know, creating new neural pathways, associations of pleasure, in the body with touch to the anal area where perhaps neural pathways never been established before. Um, this is so terrific. I do want to underscore for listeners, this is nothing like a doctor's prostate exam. So I think one of the fears people have - what men especially is like, we do not like to go get our prostates examined, at doctors. And that's why I want to emphasize, like, I love how you guys create a ritual. The safe space is so important and you're really listening to when the body is ready to receive a finger or to be penetrated. And it's really, it is, I forget what term you use. I remember reading something about, I don't know if it was anal sucking or, but you're really letting the prostate and the sphincters guide the process, which makes it so safe. Um, yeah.

Stine: And also another thing we always talking to a lot is a lot of guys are actually very worried about the poop. Like will it smell? Will it be dirty? Will it be like - what is going to happen? So whenever I give a newbie a prostate massage, I just talk into it right away. So I'm wearing a glove, I'm having a lot of oil on my finger. Nothing's going to stick. It's not going to smell - like all of these things. But it is really a blockage, a mental blockage for many - all these worries.

Asim: Because for men, you know, we are taught from early age : who is dirty. Don't touch, don't touch your ass. Don't, you know, and especially don't put your finger there. Come on. Are you gay? So there's so from early on, that is what is hammered into you. So first you have also have to get past those conditionings to go there. Yeah. We did a group ceremonies. Have we give sessions one-on-one with people, but we also do it in a group setting. People were not wanting to come until we made it very clear that you're going to lay all with a heads towards each other in a star shape with your ass towards the wall - nobody's can see your ass. And that is actually making it more comfortable to be able to - okay, then I can, maybe I can do it. Then I can relax. Then the most important thing is for men to receive it - is that they are relaxed - that they can relax in it. Otherwise they can't receive it.

Rahi: There are so many mental barriers to move through before we even get to the physical conditioning. But I feel like you guys are so, aware and addressing each of these, each of these things. I do want to mention, like, I know when you guys do the online training, people can be anywhere and it's in the privacy of their own home, the safety of their own bedroom and that the cameras, the zoom camera is turned off. So that there's complete privacy whilst you guys are facilitating this incredibly sacred and healing and pleasurable process. I want to mention at this point, The Prostatic Portal, what is the website where people can go and find out more about either your zoom online facilitation or in-person facilitations.

Stine: Yeah. So we actually have We also have the Facebook called The Prosthetic Portal and, um, my private one is Amosoma. And your,

Asim: Asim SacredFire - SacredFire.NL.

Stine: So we have all those, websites, um, but TheProstaticPortalcom and then you'll find us.

Rahi: Yes. So I will have all these links in the show notes, on the podcast page. I want to ask you, you know, in my journey of separating orgasm with ejaculation. You know, edging is always fun, but I got to say, it was self prostate massage - and the intensity of that experience that helped me understand how to separate ejaculation from orgasm. I remember having this incredible, uh, like full body orgasm where, you know, I just kind of like disappeared. I wanted to ask the role that prostate massage plays in helping people separate orgasm from ejaculation. For me, it was, it was really, really important, but I don't know if that's the case for, for most men.

Asim: I can speak for myself that just for me, I didn't find a need to ejaculate all the time, every time that I had sex, but it really helped me move from a goal-orientated sex experience into a more flowy, enjoyment-centered sex experience - to go more into the surrendering. But also to have your lovemaking as a enjoyable time, instead of - that you have this goal that you have to reach in the end... That really has changed it for me.

Stine: Yeah. My experience is like very much like when, when you do genital massage on the lingum - the penis, you're so much stimulating the end of the pudendal nerve that is eventually going to send signal to all the muscles helping with contraction and all that. So it's so closely linked and wired, but when you go inside the body and you stimulate the nerve pathways there, the energy, connecting it with pleasure and love. We do a lot of breath work well with all this, like really moving the energy, the whole - it's just bypassing the ejaculating response. It's simply not there anymore. Usually there is no erection. They don't, they do feel pleasure if you still have a stimulation of lingum, but still it's just completely bypassed. And that's the eye-opener for me. They are like, why am I not having the erection? I'm feeling like I've been having like sex forever, or like, what, what is this? And then it's just moving the energy up inside the body, instead of wanting to shoot the energy out of the body.

Asim: In the lovemaking of men. Um, a lot of the time it is, it is goal orientated, but also when you can have lovemaking, that's you, you don't want to go to your goal, because you want to extend the time that you're having your lovemaking. So then you start to get the goal out of it. Then you move to a new goal and that is give your partner pleasure. But in that way, you keep controlling all the time. Um, and so you're controlling your own pleasure that you don't get too much pleasure that your going to ejaculate. And also you try to control like, oh, what am I doing? Um, is she liking it? Is she not liking it? So you're in a controlling mode all the time. And with a prostate massage, you cannot - you have to surrender. And to have to surrender, and then receiving that pleasure without doing - without having to do anything.... That is the real eye-opener,

Rahi: As you're sharing this, I can really, see how, I mean, there's so many lessons to be learned from the surrender to these orgasmic states in all areas of our life, um, including spiritually. But what I'm hearing is is that rather than the, kind of the typical, or stereotypical male directive goal oriented, sexual quest, it is really more about surrendering to orgasmic states of being - and an orgasmic way of being really, and a relational love making, where there is no goal. There is just continual sharing of these orgasmic love making. It's it's beautiful. I mean, there's so many reasons for us to become familiar, become friendly, to really become intimate with our prostates. I mean, just all the reasons in the world - from health to spirituality, to trauma release, to love making, to the lessons that it's waiting to teach us. Um, I'm really curious guys, what, what's your intention and hope in creating The Prostatic Portal? And I know it's evolving still, um, but you have the live online trainings that you guys have, like on demand requests. I know you've been teaching at festivals all over Europe. What is, what's your hope and intention for this prostate revolution?

Stine: I think we've wrote it in the description is really right, like really raising this awareness that prostate is not only related to cancer and diseases and dysfunctions and all this, but it's such a vital, just like you're saying, it's such a vital part of a men's health - well sexual health, but because it has all these functions, you know, it's such a vital little organ that nobody knows about. So really create more awareness around this and also just, you know, offer a space for men to explore this sacred sexuality, higher connections, altered states of mind, and really get past all of the homophobic fears around this that is preventing it from being explored and also what, uh, what I've seen as a gift that was maybe also had a deep impact on me in the ceremonies we've be doing - is the givers. Usually it has been women. It's also been men, but usually it's been women giving their lover, boyfriend, husband - this experience. And they were so honored and they were so moved - to really witness and hold this vulnerable space for their loved one that was really creating such a deep connection between them. That was so beautiful to witness - really just allow us to be in our feminine and masculine, no matter what gender physiologically we are, that this is just a normal part of having a healthy sexual experience of life.

Asim: Yeah. for me, it's raising the awareness and to have - to show and tell other men like, okay, you have this Organ inside you - and, uh, be aware of it - because both health wise, but also pleasure wise. And also in that region, there are a lot of shadows. And, and for me, that is also a big reason to work with it is to shine light on those on shadows in order that you can grow. And the prostate is really a spot in the male body, which has so much potential. And when you are ready to look into your demons and to look into your shadows and release them, then you are also able to go really high spiritually and experience altered states of consciousness, which I think are only possible because you have released those shadows.

Rahi: Yeah, it's incredible. I mean, I'm, I'm a little kind of dumbfounded that there, isn't more awareness around this incredible gateway. And so I'm so grateful that you guys are holding the space for it. I really think that this, I mean, this should be part of the sex education that, that everyone, that teenagers should receive. I mean, it's such, I mean, for health reasons, for, as you say, you know, to look at our shadows to afford empowerment reasons, for pleasure reasons, for lovemaking - like all of it. And it's so integrated, it's so integrates our inner feminine and the inner masculine by inviting this experience of surrender and receiving. Um, guys, I, I am so grateful that you guys have created this, and I will have all your links in the show notes. Um, thank you so much for being kind of the sacred gatekeepers to this incredible wisdom and incredible access to our wholeness and our real, you know, integrated embodiment. It's great to see you both. And I look forward to seeing you soon.

Asim: Thank you very much.

Stine: We very much look forward to seeing you in Denmark.

Rahi: Notice how this interview is landing in your body right now. What sensations are you aware of? Are there any feelings or curiosities arising about your prostate or perhaps about the prostate of your lover or close friend? If you have a prostate, can you feel into what may be awaiting you, perhaps unexplored discoveries, self-connection and self intimacy, and a sense of empowerment of your whole being - inviting you to discover what's truly possible. And if you're a lover or a close friend of a prostate owner, can you imagine the experience of holding a safe and sacred place for their deepest and most vulnerable connection - for resolving their shadows and touching into new realms of orgasmic bliss and wholeness? Links to and and SacredFire.NL - Stine and Asim's respective websites can be found in the show notes. Here's to the healthy integration of all of who we are and all of what we embody. And to the deepest embodiment of our body's most precious and sacred treasures. If you'd like to stay informed about future podcast episodes and announcements, you can sign up for the organic sexuality newsletter at organic sexuality and to support the podcast, please consider leaving a review at iTunes. Until next time, take good care.

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