How Couples Can Satiate Evolving Sexual Desires Within A Committed Partnership with Dolly Josette

Accessing pleasure points in the pelvis for practical healing with Beaudoin Bodywork 

Accessing pleasure points in the pelvis for practical healing with Beaudoin Bodywork 




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I’ve known Dolly for years as a wonderful and esteemed colleague in the field of somatic sexology, and was taken by her leadership when she stewarded the U.S. Somatic Sex Education trainings via her Somatic Institute during which time, she was also President of our Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.  

When we exchanged sessions as peers, we both recognized the unique gifts and skills we each offer and got inspired about how we could come together to synergize our space-holding for couples.  

We are both very excited about bringing intimacy and sexological bodyworker practices and wisdom to empower couples to deepen, heal, expand and enjoy the erotic and erogenous wisdom our bodies are here to relish, explore and embody.  


Dolly Josette is a Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Somatica Practitioner, and founder of, coaching women and couples on intimacy enhancement, sexual confidence, healing shame and expanding pleasure potential so they can cultivate embodied intimacy to have the best, most connected sex of their life.

Because of her signature online video course, Touch-Feel-Connect – Vulva-Vaginal Mapping for Women” and her Vulva Hug Meditation,” she’s been called the Vulva WhispererVulva Queen and even a Vulva Therapist. Couples rave about her in-person immersions and have commented that they feel like they are dating anew.

Teaching women and couples how to become their own Muse is truly her biggest joy so these somatic tools can support their evolving sensual and sexual needs, as they learn how to listen to their body and what it wants in life, in relationship and in solitude.

In addition to her commitment to relationship upgrades, Dolly was the 2019-20 President of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers and produced certification trainings with I.S.S. for Somatic Sexological Bodyworkers in 2019 and 2020 in LA. She holds a Masters degree in Education, a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism, Certifications from the Institute of Somatic Sexology (I.S.S.) and The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, among countless other continuing-ed credentials, including Somatica® and Wheel of Consent®. She’s been featured on various podcasts, including Sex with Emily, in addition to Cosmopolitan and Hustler Magazine.

We explore: 


How comfort and safety within a committed relationship can be balanced with spontaneity and the fulfillment of evolving sexual desires, individually and as a couple.


How Dolly got her groove back – first by becoming her own inner lover and pleasure activist, kissing a lot of frogs, and magnetizing her husband Jason, who also prioritized an intentional and active pleasure-filled marriage.


How being a hydrotherapist and providing a safe space for clients to irrigate their colons and their emotions –  revealed that Dolly had the perfect skills for holding space for clients to honor and take ownership of their sexual embodiment and wholeness. 


How the Somatica Method empowers couples to learn to honor safe attachment within a partnership, whilst being true to one’s self and their individual needs.


How a vaginal mapping exercise with her husband during her sexological bodyworker training lead to a deep dearmouring emotional release – so intimate and connecting that it’s informed how Dolly holds space for couples.


How the body knows when touch is being done from a place of taking as opposed to a place of giving, and how armour and numbness as well as resentment can build as a result – affecting libido and desire.


How re-orienting the body to its initial language of touch sensations, and learning how to prioritize this language in infinitely new ways with a lover can lead to a shift in pleasure connection & consciousness within a marriage.


The differences between pleasurable touch and pleasurable touch that leads to deep emotional healing for couples.


How genital mapping can support profound transformatons in agency, attunement to pace and pausing for shared arousal, de-shaming, and reclaiming the body’s full erogenous capacity. 


Rahi: Welcome to Organic Sexuality, where we explore the restoration of pleasure, the reclamation of sexual sovereignty, and the realization of our embodied sexual nature. An invitation to honor the pleasures of your body by embodying the pleasures of your nature. I'm your host, Rahi Chun. I'm a certified somatic sex educator, a sexological body worker and creator of Somatic Sexual Wholeness. Today we invite Dolly Josette, also known as the Vulva Whisperer to the podcast. I've known Dolly for years as an esteemed leader in our somatic sexology community, a colleague with whom I've enjoyed peer session exchanges with, and now a coco collaborator as we are holding space for couples to deepen and expand their sexual intimacy skills and know-how with each other. I find her enthusiasm, her wisdom, and her love for this sacred work to be infectious.

Rahi: I am really excited to be inviting Dolly Josette to the podcast today. I've known Dolly for years. I've been a big fan of hers, and it's a thrill, uh, to have her here to share her wisdom, her journey, and her expertise. Dolly is a somatic sexologist as well as a certified sexological body worker, and as well a Somatica practitioner, which is pretty unique in our field for someone to be both. Uh, previously Dolly ran a health coaching and hydrotherapy clinic as a certified nutritionist and hydrotherapist, and before that, she was also a TV producer in New York City and LA for over 15 years. I met Dolly when she was the president of our Association of certified Sexological Body Workers, and ran the US SexBod trainings here in Los Angeles at her Somatic Institute. I'm really thrilled to be co-facilitating a very special two day event with Dolly embodied eras for couples Touch Feel connect on May 27th and 28th here in Redondo Beach, where we'll have the chance to empower couples with the intimacy and sexological body worker skills and practices. We feel all couples should really be empowered with. All the details for that experience are at somatic sexual But separately from co-facilitating this, I've wanted my audience to hear about your experiences, Dolly of your own intimate journey of reclaiming yourself as an erotic being as a pleasure activist, and in doing so, magnetizing. Jason. Your pleasure muse, welcome to the podcast.

Dolly: Thank you. Thank you so much. Um, I've been a long admirer of you, um, Rahi, and it's so wonderful to have your leadership, you know, in the community. And we finally did an exchange, gosh, what, a year, a year and a year and a half ago where I was in my LA office and I said, let's, let's have some support. Like, let's see how each other works. I was leaning into something that I was curious about learning for my own body at that time, and you were curious about how I work with sexological body work and Somatica, and so we'll get into that in a little bit. So, I, I just, when I worked with you, I felt safe as a client, safe as a practitioner, and I was really excited about bringing this work to couples. It's really one of my big motivations because I'm a person.

Dolly: I, I love being married. It's just, it's just my thing. And I had a marriage that didn't work, and I was devastated by it. And when our sexual compatibility and desires just were not able to be expressed in my first marriage, I felt like, wow, I am, what is wrong? Like, I did every kind of class, every kind of everything to like elicit the attention and desire for my husband, and we were just not on the same page with this mm-hmm. . And I really thought long and hard because he was somebody that I, I loved very much, still do, like he's family, but I just couldn't think of my life being in a place where I couldn't have this, this part of our, of our body, the sexual desire, like really met. And I thought, oh, it's so trivial. I can learn to live without it or, but I, I was sad on the weekends, my body shut down.

Dolly: I just, I, I just couldn't wait to get to work. I mean, it should be the opposite, right? . And at the time, I was a TV producer and I just could not see this part of my life, which I, I thought, well, this is such a special part of my life that's supposed to be unique to married couples. Like, this is what I get to express with this person of choice. Um, and so I just couldn't see living without it because what was happening for me is I was becoming further and further away from myself. I was not recognizing myself because this part of me is really an integral part of, of who I am. And so when I was brave to, to step away from the relationship, I really went on a journey of self-discovery, of like embodiment of lots of self touch, pleasure, practice healing.

Dolly: I really just had to rebuild my relationship with myself in terms of my own erotic connection, my own touch and expression. I went on all kinds of fun. I always say sometimes when you get divorced, you need to, sew your oats, I went and had a lot of fun with partnered interactions and sometimes you, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to know what you don't like in order to figure out what you do like. And so I, I was just in this place where I really started to, to come to a sense of, of real groundedness and really loving who, who I was and what was showing up. It, it hadn't been a real missing for me. And I didn't realize how much it contributed to my overall just, just who I was, just how I showed up in the world.

Dolly: And it's interesting because look fast forward, look at what I'm doing for a living. Cuz I was not doing this. I was a TV producer back then, . Um, when I met my husband, he had a really similar story and just in essence that our sexual selves kind of were shut down in our marriages and we just, we just had, we spoke the same language and we really connected. And I always say he became my pleasure, muse because then we just, we vibed so much. We went on so many explorations and adventures, and we said, this is going to be a part of our lives that we really want to cultivate. We don't want to let, um, move, you know, to a place of comfort. Um, I love, um, sex educator, Esther Perel talks about the things that we, we desire in a long-term relationship, comfort, safety.

Dolly: Those are important, but we have to be careful that the comfort doesn't also then negate the spontaneous sexuality and the connection and the desire. Um, because yeah, comfort can mean sweatpants, , and, and we, and we can just move into that place of not trying and letting sexual desires go away. And so I'm married to my husband Jason now 13 years. We're together for 15. And yeah, we have gone through ebbs, absent flows even in our relationship, but it, it has maintained as one of the top, um, goals of us to always cultivate. And so sometimes somebody needs a little bit more space and time for healing or personal things that they're going through, or me, I just completed, you know, perimenopause, moving into menopause, the things, the body changes. And then we come back to it and we say, okay, what, what's this week? What are our goals? And we're actively looking to see how we can continue to create our, our erotic connection, our love, because it just makes us feel alive.

Rahi: I'm hearing so much intentionality and really holding the space to, to make it a priority. You know, I mean, you did that for yourself, um mm-hmm. , you know, reclaiming yourself as your erotic muse. And you met Jason at a juncture where it was both a priority and you got to kind of like create this relationship almost as a, as an intentional lab for your intimate and erotic connection.

Dolly: Yeah. An intentional, I love that. I've never had anybody say that to me. I really like that.

Rahi: Yeah, that's what I'm hearing. I mean, that's, that's what I'm really hearing and it's ongoing as you said, you know, like our bodies change, you know, think different things affect us emotionally, which affect our arousal and libido, and you guys are just really, um, yeah. Intentional and, and having this safe container for it. So, you know, it's really interesting, Dolly, that your journey took you to not only becoming a certified sexological body worker, but also Somatica practitioner, which, you know, as I mentioned is, is is pretty rare in our field to have both. Um, how did one lead you to doing the other, um, and how do they synergize and interact as you hold space for clients?

Dolly: Mm-hmm. ? Well, when I was trained as a sexological body worker, I initially did it because I was literally using it. What can I learn to cultivate and bring more to our relationship? Um, I had gone through several miscarriages. I was in my early forties, we're like, it's just not happening. You know, so if we're not using sex for pro procreation, what else is there? So it was like, well, you know, then I was introduced to Ellen Heed She thought I would be a great sexological body worker. When I was going through that period of, of miscarriages, I turned in my TV producing hat and I opened a colon hydrotherapy business. And I think that really taught me a whole nother part of my body about holding space for people, having respect for the bodies. Um, as you know, you're irrigating the colon and, you know, I would call myself a professional tummy masseuse because I would just hold people's bellies, comfort them have, you know, just thinking if the waist wanted to, you know, was gonna release, um, emotions would come out. I, I learned so much about the body and the respect of the body. And so when I met Ellen, all of this I didn't realize was just great training ground to be a sexological body worker. And then as I trained and kind of incubated, I practiced with a few clients just to see if I was any good. I was like, wow, Jason, I'm good. I'm actually

Rahi: Really good.

Dolly: And one of my first clients, they were a couple, and I cannot believe the amazing progress that was made with them. And I think because they were one of my early couples, it made me really just think about how couples need this work. What we were not taught in sexological body work was helping couples navigate their different desires, navigate being vulnerable. Um, you know, we learn about embodiment and attunement and holding space, don't get me wrong mm-hmm. and being, taking the somatica training, you know, you don't become a trained therapist, but you learn really how to strike the balance of individuation and attachment, because what happens in long term, so like what happened for me in my first marriage is I was kept surrendering to, no, I wanna be married. I love this person. I, and so I was letting my individuation go aside for the sake of the marriage, but then I was not recognizing myself anymore because I was not being able to be a, an sexually expressive person in this particular partnership. And so, somatica, really the nuts and bolts of it is how to strike the balance of creating safe attachment and being true to yourself.

Rahi: Hmm. That is great.

Dolly: It's, it's so great. And, um, Danielle and, and Celeste, the teachers who, the, the ladies who created this program, they actually had taught sexological body work for years mm-hmm. . And so what's fascinating is they know the curriculum of sexological body work, and they also saw where there was a missing. And so bringing this work together where you're looking at attachments and looking at vulnerability and empathy and how to not just think about sex like positions or technique, but how to feel met emotionally and sexually. So it was a great partnership with me and my sexological body work training.

Rahi: Wow. That sounds like, yeah, exactly. What is missing in sexological body worker training? As great as it is, it sounds like such a, a great synergy of, of addressing and holding space for couples in their totality, understanding the different desires, understanding the different histories, like where can they come together? That's very, that, I mean, just hearing you describe that is very exciting to me. I'm wondering, um, I mean, I can imagine how exciting it is when you're working with couples to see the light bulbs happen and see the alignment coming together. I, I'd love to hear from you, like, in your years of working with couples, what's what, like what's, what's the biggest turn on for you?

Dolly: The biggest turn on is when the sexual language or expression or ability to receive can be met by the other person. And even if it's not their same sexual style, it can be met and fulfilled. And then when it's this person's turn to have their expression, it can be met and fulfilled. So earlier I said, Jason and I spoke like the same language. We actually don't, I, he's very a sexual, like his, uh, the way Somatica describes it, like this, this hot movie that runs in your mind, you know, Jaia, our Sex a Sexological Body, we colleague developed erotic blueprints. So he's a sexual style. I'm a sensual style. You can see like, I have all my lipstick and my pink and I'm all like matching my fluffy. I need these things to like, feel into my body connected. Um, so there's different ways of approaching sexual, um, and then in sex bot, we're taught, you know, is it, is it the senses?

Dolly: Is it partnership? Is it taboo? Like there's, there's all these paths of how sexual expression can be. We, we can travel many paths. And so when we can discover things for a couple, what I love about our work is because we are bringing it down to the baseline in terms of sexological body work of sensation, and what areas have not even been met or uncovered. So we can have like what a hot movie looks like and what we think sex looks like in our minds, but when we bring it back and peel the layers, the biggest learning for me in my sexological body work training were the mapping portions. I remember I had to have, um, in one of the homework assignments, we had to have a friend or a partner map us. And Jason, I asked Jason if he would, you know, put his finger inside of me and I would guide him like what it was to map me.

Dolly: And he, and he did, and he found he was inside of my vagina, and he found a spot. And, and I was like, oh my God. It was in so much pain. Like, oh yeah, what do I do? What do I just hold it your finger still? Mm, breathe. I didn't know, but I just know that I movement was making me feel more cr like, like I was gonna lose it. And I just, and, and, and, and I like even held my hand over his down below, and I just was like, hold it. And then as he held it, then all these tears, all this emotion, just this wailing came out. And then after that happened, I felt a little released. And he's like, oh my God, I felt that, and here he is not trained. I had already gone through the training, or I was in the midst of the training and look at how if somebody just shows up, just can be present, can take a little bit of coaching, and I didn't know what I was doing. He didn't know what he was doing. Yeah. And we figured it out so that whatever emotion and pain was there, it literally released. And I went through the process and that example, and then doing this with couples and them finding freedom and space in their, like, healing in their genitals, de shame of deifying their genitals mm-hmm. mm-hmm. , deifying, sexual desire, all of these things like blow me away because of what's possible.

Rahi: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I can see how, um, I mean, it's life changing. It changes the trajectory of a couple's, um, understanding of each other's body understanding of vulner, like holding space for that depth of vulnerability, um, understanding the anatomy of their partner and releasing what is in the way of deeper pleasure and connection, um, to share that with your partner. I couldn't imagine anything more intimate and beautiful.

Dolly: It's so beautiful and it's a real call to have. You really have to think about moving the ego aside. Okay. Because that, and that's in our work. What do we say? Let's be curious, you know, let's, and that, and my relationship with Jason, we want this life of adventure and curiosity, but to replace ego with curiosity. Because as you touch the body not bringing your intention, sorry, your agenda.

Rahi: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dolly: The society. It's like, well, sex is natural. Do this, do that. Or maybe the way you touch yourself, you bring that kind of touch to your partner mm-hmm. , and they're not saying anything because they know you like it, so they just stay quiet. Mm. And so then over time, it just builds up this resentment or like, oh God, I hate it when he touches me this way, or I wish you would touch me that way. And then you just, you don't say anything and you build up these levels of resentment mm-hmm. . And then what starts happening is then it starts showing up in the body, and then you start checking out mentally, and then your body starts checking, checking out, and then maybe numbness starts to happen.

Rahi: , it's amazing how intuitive the body is in knowing when someone is touching for, from a taking place as opposed to a giving place. The body knows.

Dolly: Yeah. The body really knows. And the body stores all of these memories, right? It's like this filing system. The facia just holds memories. It holds, it holds, it holds these things that we then don't know how to process. And then we wonder over time, well, why don't I have the sexual libido mm-hmm. , why don't I have the desire, or am I in that place of comfort with my partner? And we're just, you know, it's, it's not necessarily like, go put on something sexy or go buy a new toy. Of course, all those these things can be very helpful. But really what is your intention? What is it that you want to cultivate where nothing is expected, but everything is possible.

Rahi: Yeah. You know, it's just such an important piece to underscore, because there are probably a lot of people out there, I'm thinking men, but women as well, who are touching their partner for their own, you know, taking for their own pleasure and not even realizing it, you know? Mm-hmm. . So to really teach the distinction of touching for the receiver, just that in of itself can start to unravel discarding pattern within the receiver. And yeah, it's, it's amazing how much armor we do walk around without even realizing it, and we think it's something else. Dolly, just talking about this with you is getting me so excited for a workshop. I mean, this is like, this is, this is the magic, you know, that we, the awareness and the practices of bringing this work to, to couples who are ready, you know, who are eager to become aware of their patterns, of their, you know, differences and desires in learning these skills and really supporting each other because for most couples, the love is there, but the how-to is not. So I wanted to ask you, what are you most excited about in offering embodied eros for couples?

Dolly: You know, I'm excited because I think it's just the beginning. I think it can be just the first step of hopefully something that really works well, that we can then offer it to more people. Because the, the, the best teacher, number one is your own body.

Rahi: Absolutely.

Dolly: And if you, and if you are in partnership, learning your body and learning how to play your body like an instrument, and then also respecting and honoring your partner's body and learning how to play that and to just, it's like, it's like learning our first language. What is our first language sensations? Okay. Sensations are the body's first language, how we react. So it's like reorienting to these first languages, but getting guided by you and I, right. Um, in a way that's loving and exciting and, and learning from the other couples that are, that, that will be in the, in the space as well. And so I'm excited for cultivating, helping couples to cultivate a deeper sense of intimacy so that they can prioritize pleasure, and then learn to be their own pleasure muses. So part of our work as coaches and as sexological body workers is like helping people to notice their habits and then to help them reach their goals.

Dolly: So often couples who come to want to have this type of experience, they, they're something that they wanna heal. There's some block or they feel like they've kind of mastered and they're like at a plateau and they wanna get to the next level. So there can be various reasons why people come in, but as somebody learns their own body, then if they're in a partnership, then wanting to understand how to really explore and give pleasure to the other person mm-hmm. . And when this happens, this is not just pleasure, okay, this is like healing, touch, pleasure. Yes. This is, this is not just touch like, oh my God, I'm gonna come, or Oh my God, I'm close to orgasm, or I'm climaxing. Mm-hmm. It is all that and deep emotional healing work. And sometimes the work has nothing to do with touching genitals at all.

Dolly: When what we're, what we're gonna do in the workshop is teaching the value of what I call one-way touch. And one-way touch is like, you have your massage table and you have the goal of the time is for one person to receive and one person to accept. Last night it was my turn to receive from Jason, and we had up the massage table and he asked, what would you like to experience? And I was like, I really just need some energy touch. My lower back was hurting me. I had a very emotionally trying day yesterday for various reasons. And I kind of got like on belly sideways, and he sat at the top of the massage table and he petted me. Hmm. And he touched the back of my back, and then he found the spot in the middle of my neck. He'd never done this before. And he just nuzzled his head there. Hmm. And literally he gave me like this energetic healing we've discovered. He has kind of like a reiki energy healing that my body responds to, but it was so loving, it was so beautiful. And then after that for a while, I turned to my back and, and, um, I said, you know, if you can just, and I, and I guided him, like, can you just hold my heart? And then he's doing this. And then I started having these electrical, like CREs like kind of moving through my body

Rahi: Mm-hmm. .

Dolly: And then he came to a place where it just, I felt so satiated. And he says, I feel like this is what I can give, like my body. Like, we'd been there for like 45 minutes and I was like, oh my gosh, I also feel complete. Hmm. So part of this one way touch is like, he's willing to give, I was clear about what I kind of wanted, but he figured out a creative new way to get there. Yeah. And then he also listened to his body when he felt like he couldn't give anymore.

Rahi: Right.

Dolly: So, and we had no genital contact, and yet I felt full and satiated and loved and, and met.

Rahi: Yes. Yeah.

Dolly: And, and so yes, there's beautiful times when we do the opposite and it's lots of genital contact, and sometimes we forego the one way touch and we're having so much fun, it becomes a partnered interaction. I, I guess I, I wanna say this statement because every day our body changes Yes. Every week, every month, whatever. And we just have to say, what does my body need?

Rahi: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I, I feel like one way touch the way you described, I mean, what you shared of your experience last night perfectly encapsulates the, the gold mine waiting to be discovered when one person is just responsible to receive and the other person is there to hold space and to respond to the receiver's request. And just new things can get discovered. Doesn't have to include the genitalia, but it's almost like, you know, you talked about patterns and, and as couples we can so easily fall into patterns, but when one person has the, the practice of attuning to voicing what it is that their body wants, and the other person is there to simply respond to that, it's like discovering a new country every time. I mean, there's so much to discover. And I love what you guys discovered, like after 15 years of being together, 13 years of marriage, like this new thing, you know, it's so exciting.

Dolly: Yeah. It was so exciting. Yeah. And he was so, he felt so proud of himself and I felt so proud. But, and, and, and, and some, and okay, I'm like stuttering because I'm like back in the moment of like, mm of the excitement of it. But I also wanna say sometimes getting to that place of like full acceptance when it feels hard or wonky or wobbly, that's like back to the somatica stuff. Are you being vulnerable and sharing your truth about, you know, I don't want this mm-hmm. , or, or, or, um, gosh, one time I remember when I came back from sexological body work training and we had this amazing interaction and he like went down on me like, so amazing and I felt so good on my body and he was cuz our pattern. Right. Okay. Your turn, then my turn. And I was, and I said to him, I was like, my gosh, I'm feeling so good and so connected.

Dolly: I actually don't, can I, can I just rest? Yeah. Can we like hold, hold your turn to like when I'm ready. And he said, he said, okay. He says, is that that class? And I was like, I really wanna honor what I'm feeling. And he's said, no problem. And we both just had the most lovely snooze. Yeah. And I woke up feeling invigorated looking at him, desiring him, and I woke him up in like the most delicious way. And we were both so happy. But how many times do we not listen and we just hijack because we think we're supposed to, it's my turn to give to him.

Rahi: Right.

Dolly: Right. Or worse, you're in a situation where somebody is giving to you in a beautifully erotic, seductive way and you can't be present to it because you're just thinking, has it been 10 minutes? Or does that mean I needed to give him 10 minutes and then mm-hmm. And then you're not even present.

Rahi: Yeah. You're touching on so many great points here. Like one, there, there, there is something to be said about an integration period of being satiated to really let that like seep into the bones, but also to be able to give from a place of wanting to give as opposed to like a trade or an obligation. I think that goes back to like, you know, what we were talking about as far as the intentionality of touching, you know, to really touch and provide for siever and for no other reason.

Dolly: Yeah.

Rahi: I'm so excited for the same reasons you are, Dolly. I mean, I think the one way touch not only to, you know, for, for clients to really become accustomed and aware of the notes that their own body can play, but to really respond to the, to the musician of their partner and what their partner's body is asking for. But before that, just really clarifying where their desires are aligned, where they're not aligned and it's okay not to be aligned, you know, to accept that and play within that play, you know, sandbox. Yes. And also learning how to touch from a place of, I guess I wanna say s you know, loving service. You know, a place of like really giving and providing. So the way we've designed this course, I really love how we're not only educating them about the erogenous anatomy, teaching them how to touch the erogenous anatomy, how to respond to requests, and how to hold space for that emotion that wants to come up. But making sure that each person has an empowered sense of understanding what their body wants, how to give voice to it and how to receive it. You know, the other thing that excites me is all of the mapping that we're introducing. And it seems like it's such a simple exercise, but the benefits are so profound. I'd love to hear from you, Kelly, what, what you love about, uh, empowering couples to engage and really enjoy the mapping process.

Dolly: Yeah. Well it's interesting cuz we could probably ask every sex bond what their top, you know, 10 benefits of mapping are. And we, it might be a fun exercise to do. Yeah. And maybe we'd all have some little different nuances and maybe some will overlap. But these are the ones that I think are my top number one agency, developing agency for your body.

Dolly: And that way you feel into what you're noticing and you start to get a command and like, wow, this is my body, this is my, these are my pleasure zones. Um, you, the next one I think would be somatic learning or awakening. So learning to be in the body as you're touching. Ellen Heed said something once that was really beautiful called name it and claim it. So as you're touching a part of the anatomy and then you're hearing the word, you are having your somatic learning, but then it's also awakening your somatic attunement, which is another benefit. So you're developing somatic awareness and attunement when you are in a partnered situation, the real discernment needed for developing attunement is in the pausing, is in the breathing into the feeling and finding the right pace so that you can notice, because remember like how I, I gave the example of Jason the first time he ever touched me, and we just held, so it's just having spaciousness so that you can see what unfolds.

Dolly: We're not trying to get at the tissue or we're letting this tissue speak to us. So you're developing this attunement being witnessed and validated. That's where this is a de shaming experience because you're being heard, you're being seen, you're being reflected back that you are okay and that your parts are normal. This builds two-way trust between you and your partner. It, it helps you to establish a common language. And then when you start to develop all those things, that's when it starts to moving into giving the person voice and self-help compliance. Then you can even start moving into healing and remediation. And then what everybody, I think is, is here for is intimacy enhancement, all these other things. They're, you're, you're, you're basically coming for intimacy enhancement and you're getting all of these other things. And the final two things that I think are benefits are this aspect of embodiment and why is embodiment important? Because it always makes the pleasure yummier. It has your, your bo you're able to savor the pleasure because you can mo you can, you know how embodiment can move you into a deeper felt pleasurable sensation, which then my final is it helps you to develop new orgasmic pathways.

Rahi: Hmm. Beautiful. Yeah. Beautiful, beautiful. I love all of those points. Yeah. It's so interesting, isn't it? It's like people want the intimacy and connection and they don't realize like the incredibly deep healing, the de shaming, the witnessing, you know, it's like the most intimate thing. I think two people can really share an experience and witness and support each other in. Yeah, that's a great list and I am so thrilled that we get to hold space for that for couples. So for listeners, if you're interested, you can get all the details. It's May 27th and 28th in Redondo Beach, California. You can go to somatic sexual And Dolly, how can people find you?

Dolly: Um, they can find me, um, on my website of pleasure or my Instagram is Pleasure Muse at Pleasure Muse. Um, those are the two places that I, that I post, um, most content. Um, I'd also be interested if people for some reason cannot join us on those particular dates, please still be in contact with either Rahi or myself so that we know there is interest so that we can schedule more of these in the future.

Rahi: Sounds great. Sounds great. . Yeah. Dolly, thank you so much for sharing your journey and your experiences and your wisdom, uh, with us today. I am so excited to be holding space with you and I just can't wait. It's gonna be so wonderful. Thank you.

Dolly: I can't wait. You are a master teacher and I just have all the respect for you what a leader you are in the community. I just, I'm, I'm delighted to see what we can create because really it's an extension so that others can really create what's possible in their partnerships.

Rahi: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Rahi: How is this episode landing in your body right now? What feelings or sensations are you aware of in your body that may be asking, wanting, or yearning to be explored? What are some ways you might satiate these yearnings in ways you may not have considered before? If you're curious about mapping, Dolly has an online vulva vagina mapping video course that can be found on her And if you're interested in exploring our guidance and facilitation with genital mapping with your partner or lover, you can visit the details of our embodied eros for couples workshop at somatic sexual Here's to a wonderful and delicious spring for us all. Until next time, take good care.

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